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Lolly Verify

Age identification software designed to improve the customer experience

Lolly Verify – Age Verification

LollyVerify is a facial recognition system, which helps hospitality providers automate the process of verifying a customer’s age. LollyVerify will confirm the age of an individual who purchases a product that has been flagged as age-restricted (for example: alcohol)

The system is built using an age-estimation algorithm. Without taking a photographic image the camera activates and reviews the age of the customer wishing to make the purchase. The software compares digital face markers to ascertain the age of the purchaser.

Facial recognition

The facial recognition tool can also accurately identify and verify specific individuals, for example, staff members.

Face coverings

The system can also detect the use of face coverings to allow safe entry to premises.

The non-intrusive spoof detection gives the highest level of security,

  • Speeds up age approval processes
  • Ensures compliance and social responsibility
  • Improves security
  • Automates everyday tasks
  • Adherence to government guidelines
  • Privacy assurance (no images or personal data stored)
  • AI algorithms provide 99.88% precise facial recognition
*No picture is ever stored using this system
**The system is independently certified (ACCS 1:2020 Technical Requirements for Age Estimation Technologies)


Featured Case Study

Lolly Supports Copper&Ink in its Mission to Create Home Away from Home

Situated in the heart of Blackheath village, Copper & Ink is a modern British restaurant with influences from classic French and Scandinavian cuisine. Their monthly changing five-course taster menu is created using the best seasonal produce. Chef Patron, Tony Rodd, and Head Chef, Rob Parks, bring their artistry together to produce stunning plates of food that are full of flavour and theatre.

Tony and his partner Becky wanted to bridge the gap between a traditional, stuffy high-end restaurant and a local, casual dining spot.



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