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Coffee Shop EPOS Systems – Discovering The Latest Technologies

According to studies by the British Coffee Association, just over 80% of people visit a coffee shop at least once during their week. That’s an astonishing statistic and surely music to the ears of any coffee shop owner!

Coffee shops are the perfect place to relax during breaks from work or to catch up with friends. With such a rise in their popularity, it’s no wonder coffee shops are looking for new ways to deal with the increase in business.

To ensure you can deal with transactions swiftly and maintain other areas of your business more effectively, invest in an effective coffee shop EPOS system.

EPOS systems are designed to help you speed up the way you do business. From taking orders to processing card transactions, the system is designed to make your life much easier – ensuring your customers receive the quick service they’re seeking.

Integrating the EPOS system into your business workings couldn’t be simpler. You can download EPOS yourself or ask for assistance from the team at Lolly. The hardware can also be set up as part of a till, a tablet or PC.

With EPOS software, the benefits are certainly huge. For more information please go to the contact form on our website or give us a call on 0800 038 5389 to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.