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EPOS System For Bars

Is your bar busy? We hope so. Do you need to make sure you have a swift and reliable till system that can make sales go faster? For a quicker service for both you and your customers, download the EPOS system for bars from our website today and get started using the ultimate customer service software.

Here at Lolly we offer a leading number of EPOS software systems suited to bars, pubs, nightclubs and more. With this software you can have more efficient business procedures, ensuring colleagues can work at a smoother and swifter pace.

Here are just some of the benefits this software can provide;

  • Payments: We all know that sometimes customers need to split the bill amongst themselves in order to afford a meal. With this software you can make the process much faster to ensure customers have the exact payments each one needs for their part of the purchase.
  • Statistics: Checking on the sales performances of your business or staff can be quite time consuming without the right technology. With the EPOS system, you can regularly check up on your sales results with ease and not have to deal with endless amounts of paperwork.
  • Training: When it comes to training new colleagues, it can be worrying if their lack of ability slows down service. That is why the EPOS system comes in handy as the training mode allows staff to use the till without slowing down production or sales.

Don’t wait to contact us to find out more about how the EPOS system can help your service today.