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Pubs can be challenging hospitality locations to manage – with high volumes of transactions.  With one counter and a full bar, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by orders. For many pubs having more staff pouring drinks cannot speed up service, as there is limited space behind the bar and crowding would be a health and safety nightmare. Creating an efficient payment system is, therefore, perhaps the best way that you can speed up and improve service.

With the help of Lolly’s effective EPOS tills for pubs, you can improve the way you handle transactions, and in turn receive a higher number of positive customer responses. Our EPOS tills can be used in a wide range of hospitality locations. Not only are they ideal for taking orders, but also small enough that they won’t take up large amounts of serving space.

Our EPOS systems can also be used as a form of portable till. As a result you can also take orders in the pub garden, or outer grounds of the building. This helps prevent lengthy queues and means customers can relax and enjoy seamless service. Their experience will not be marred by the hassle of waiting at the bar.

Due to the nature of a pub, it’s highly likely there will be spills now and again. As such, we have made sure our tills are durable and splash proof, so that the technology can be used even with the wear and tear of daily use.

Security will be the top priority for your business. That is why we have ensured our software has great security features. Not only does it ensure transactions are dealt with efficiently, and securely, but it can also help you monitor the way individual staff members are handling their payments or orders – should any issues arise.

Don’t wait to download our EPOS now for a free three-month trial today!

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