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Lolly HQ – Admin & Reports

Keep the finger on the pulse of your business

Access online management and reporting in real time

Our remote LollyHQ management software is second-to-none, from enabling complete stock control to making product pricing adjustments and setting up different menu options at any time .

Lolly empowers you and your business with an effective analytics dashboard, tailored to report on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Keep close to daily activities by monitoring a single till, multiple tills and multiple sites, from any device, wherever you are in the world.

Our customers can always rest assured, because all of their essential sales and configuration data is automatically backed and securely hosted using Microsoft Azure Cloud management and our Cyber Essentials accreditation.

Lolly Admin

Take control of your business

Lolly EPoS software is designed to give you complete control of your business, from determining exactly which products you have, to creating rolling menus and setting up different options to compliment promotional activities, for example.

Lolly’s intuitive dashboard provides easy access to key information and management functions. Customers can obtain a snapshot on sales for the day. They can also compare with the previous week’s sales, and even drill down to details on the top selling staff over a period of time.

Our simple stock control functions will assist with your ordering and enable you to monitor waste. Additionally, you are able to add and remove admin users with ease, manage security levels and monitor staff clock-in and clock-off activity.

The team at Lolly will train you on how to use the dashboard, empowering you to run it independently and take control. Our support team is always on hand for any questions you may have.

Lolly Reports

Business analytics at your fingertips

Lolly reporting gives you access to analytics on your business at the touch of a button. Our reports have a hospitality specific dashboard from which you can access key information in real-time at a glance, from sales to stock movements and staff activity across multiple sites. Track all your transactions, net sales, gross profit, key trading periods, and more at any time, from anywhere.

Gain deep insight into your sales and operations
Lolly financial reports provide details of customer account aged debtors and balances along with breakdowns of department sales by operator branch. Listings offer you insight into customer loyalty points, kitchen preparation times, stock counts, supplier details and tax rates.
Lolly till reports can inform you about hourly sales, branch sales, transaction types, product analysis and sales by operator.

Want to know more? Contact us today.

Want to know more? Contact us today.