EPoS for Education

Cut down on queues and focus on cashless

School, college and university catering means keeping calm during mealtime mania. Cut down queues and deliver efficient food service to pupils and staff by utilising Lolly’s seamless, intuitive systems.

Our team have extensive experience building custom solutions for colleges and educational catering. We are able to deliver secure, cashless payments, as well as facilitate online transactions, or digital wallets for parents, staff or older students – keeping cash to a minimum whilst delivering convenience and speeding up service. With the Lolly system, you can also integrate staff discounts or a discreet, free school meal system.

The integrated Lolly ‘digital suite’ helps boost sales across campuses, or support a better quality mealtime in schools. Pre-order options for meals, as well as self-serve kiosks or tablets, create a queue-free environment, whilst allowing students to make decisions in their own time. Nutritional and allergen information can be clearly displayed, helping students and staff make more informed, healthier choices at meal and snack times.

Scaleable, durable, hardware – designed to operate in demanding, busy environments.

Reduce waste – prevents staff errors and saves time. Real-time stock and inventory management.

Healthy menus – displayed via self-serve or pre-order solutions, with nutritional and allergen information.

Keep track with back office functionality- sales data and real-time reporting.

Secure, fast, varied payment options – meal cards, online pre-payment and cashless or mobile payments.

Improve staff to kitchen communication – linked LollyPoS and Kitchen Management System.

“We briefed Lolly in, and – amazingly – the team built the free meals system in record time, and it met the brief exactly. They have been extremely supportive and proactive, and the attention to detail shown has been second-to-none. As specialist suppliers to the sector, they have understood at every stage what we needed.

We have been so impressed by how well the system has been developed – at all times student privacy has remained paramount. Another major benefit is the speed of the transactions through the Lolly till.”

Jayne Edwards, Operations Manager, Catermasters