EPoS for Sports Stadia

Fast, resilient, PoS and payments meet high demand head on

Sports stadia and events arenas require resilient, speedy PoS and payments that can stand up to peak demands of hundreds, or thousands, of orders in short bursts. Lolly’s end-to-end EPoS solutions support fast-paced, heavy duty, hassle-free ordering and payments. Our systems help you deliver an excellent service, so your customers spend more time enjoying the fun.

We offer a huge range of hardware and software, enabling you to set up a customised environment that is perfect for your unique set of needs. A true omnichannel platform enables customers to use their preferred method of ordering and payment across the venue – whether it be using a touch screen self-serve kiosk, manned EPoS till, or picking up pre-order drinks and food, you can offer visitors multiple options to suit their by-the-minute needs.

Our innovative, integrated solutions facilitate a completely seamless digital hospitality journey for your customer, whist extensive, cloud-based back office support and management tools help you develop a more efficient and productive environment.

Scaleable, durable hardware – designed to operate in demanding, busy environments.

Keep track with back office functionality and reporting, including security features.

Secure, seamlessly integrated payments – save on transaction time and cut queues.

Boost sales and reach new customers with our pre-order and delivery offerings.

Reduces waste – prevents staff errors and saves time. Real-time stock updates and inventory management.

Improve staff to kitchen communication – linked LollyPoS and Kitchen Management System.

“The battery life, ease of use and lightweight nature of the Smart makes it the dream till for these types of event. It’s great to have our own tills available to use, and when we need more we can hire them in from Lolly, to boost what we already have.”

“The tills are easily programmable, which means we can upload details to a memory stick and have as many tills up and running in a really fast timeframe, which helps where we go from one event and immediately to another. And the fact that they are so intuitive and easy to use was a huge selling point for us. We have all our own trained staff, but should we need to bring in anyone new, we can show them how to operate the till in less than 10 minutes.”

Michael Limming, director at Open Air Events