EPoS for Bars & Clubs

Super-fast, secure transactions for speedy service

No one likes a long wait at the bar. Whether you are running a bar, nightclub, or private members’ club, LollyPoS and payments will help you process a high volume of transactions, as quickly as possible.

Our cloud-based system is flexible and updated in real-time, including easy new product uploads and marking of stockouts, helping you trade more accurately and efficiently.

LollyPoS software is packed with features that make bar work easier, such as bar tabs, layaways, bill splitting and happy hour promotions. You can also select end-of-day times, which is useful if you operate into the early hours – simply set your reports to be included in the day prior. Introduce a LollyLoyalty scheme to boost communication and customer engagement through personalised deals and offers. A pre-order solution can even be integrated to help cut down queues and keep customers happy out on the dancefloor!

Our experienced team can help you decide the best integrated PoS solutions for your unique bar or club needs.

Suitable for any environment – drop and splash proof hardware with software at affordable rates.

Keep track with back-office functionality and real-time reporting, including security features.

Secure, seamless payments – save on transaction time, cut queues and avoid double reconciliation.

Grow your business – LollyPoS is designed to develop with you and is flexible to meet your needs.

Quickly train staff to work efficiently in busy, challenging environments and reduce input errors.

Extend your options – boost sales and keep customers happy with our pre-order offering.

“The battery life, ease of use and lightweight nature of the Smart makes it the dream till for these types of event. It’s great to have our own tills available to use, and when we need more we can hire them in from Lolly, to boost what we already have.”

“The tills are easily programmable, which means we can upload details to a memory stick and have as many tills up and running in a really fast timeframe, which helps where we go from one event and immediately to another. And the fact that they are so intuitive and easy to use was a huge selling point for us. We have all our own trained staff, but should we need to bring in anyone new, we can show them how to operate the till in less than 10 minutes.”

Michael Limming, director at Open Air Events