EPoS for Coffee Shops

Easy and speedy PoS, self-serve and payments

Nobody likes a long wait for their coffee and cake. Bust through frustrating queues with Lolly’s intuitive tills.

We know that the bottom line is crucial to keeping your coffee shop up and running, so our system is built to help you quickly and efficiently grow sales, improve margins and reduce waste. Flexible LollyPoS and LollyServe can be integrated with secure cashless and mobile payments, helping you generate a seamless flow of service.

Beyond just PoS and payments, we can help boost your coffee shop with dedicated back office support, cloud-based real-time reporting and optional loyalty scheme or pre-order/delivery integration.

Speed up service and improve accuracy with easy to use till systems or self-serve tablets.

Intuitive Lolly software prevents staff errors. Our stock system improves ordering and reduces waste.

Secure, seamless payments – save on transaction time, cut queues and avoid double reconciliation.

Easy updates – keep your menu up to date with seasonal dishes, daily items and nutritional information.

Keep track with back-office functionality and reporting, including sales data and real-time reporting.

Accessible pricing – reliable hardware and software to rent or buy at affordable rates.

“The Lolly solution provided us with exactly what we needed. The integration point of sale system reduced errors and saved staff time, while the LollySmart till proved to be a robust and easy to use piece of kit. It had to deal with 8,000 people taking over £70,000 across 24-till locations in just four hours. So we were very impressed.’

John Ellis, Head of Central Operations, Ampersand”