EPoS for Events & Festivals

PoS, self-serve and payments as flexible as you need

Festivals and events require speed, flexibility and accuracy, so your customers are able to get back to the fun and entertainment as quickly as possible.

LollyPoS and payment solutions generate fast paced service and seamless payments, alongside dedicated back office support and real-time reporting to support your business management. We deliver PoS tills and payment systems that are flexible, reliable and durable – easy to transport and built to last against extended use and challenging, busy environments.

Our team is skilled at deploying tills and card machines for temporary or permanent events, including pop-up bars, festivals, mobile catering and market stalls. From a single site with multiple tills, to nationwide multi-site solutions, our cloud-based system is updated in real-time, helping you trade more accurately and efficiently. To cut down on queues a pre-order solution can be integrated – letting your customers order and pay through their mobile, and simply pop by to pick up their food or drink.

To help meet your unique event or festival trading needs Lolly will conduct a full site survey and advise you on the best till locations and hardware requirements. Our technicians can help you to anticipate potential issues, such as power supply access, mobile and internet connectivity.

Go portable with LollySmart’s built-in seven-hour battery.

Quickly train staff to work efficiently in busy settings with our intuitive software.

Drop and water proof hardware with software to rent or buy.

Keep track with real-time back office reporting and security features.

Secure, seamless payments – save on transaction time and cut queues.

Boost sales and keep customers happy with our pre-order offering.

“The battery life, ease of use and lightweight nature of the Smart makes it the dream till for these types of event. It’s great to have our own tills available to use, and when we need more we can hire them in from Lolly, to boost what we already have.”

“The tills are easily programmable, which means we can upload details to a memory stick and have as many tills up and running in a really fast timeframe, which helps where we go from one event and immediately to another. And the fact that they are so intuitive and easy to use was a huge selling point for us. We have all our own trained staff, but should we need to bring in anyone new, we can show them how to operate the till in less than 10 minutes.”

Michael Limming, director at Open Air Events