LollyBridge integrated payments

Does you terminal talk till? If not you need LollyBridge™. Our LollyBridge™ cloud software connects payments to your EPOS system so they work together.

LollyBridge™ connects your payments with POS and business management


SmartBridge™ connects your payments with POS and business management

For example, you will no longer need to input data on your ePOS system and card machine separately. Any command on your ePOS is passed to the card machine via SmartBridge™ and presented to the customer. After payment is taken, the data is returned back to your ePOS system via the cloud.

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Step 1: Ordering

Input order on your ePOS system

Say for example, your customer orders a coffee. You begin by making the product selection on your ePOS system at the press of a button, where the item name and price are already pre-set values.

Step 2: Payment

Data passes from ePOS to card machine

SmartBridge™ will auto-populate your card machine with the same information selected on your ePOS system. Your customer can make payment straight away, as there’s no need to separately input pricing values into the card machine; saving your staff and customers time with a shorter end-to-end ordering process and no risk of mistyping transaction amounts.

Step 3: Complete

Data is returned to the cloud and synced between devices

Once the transaction is complete, SmartBridge™ collects the data from your card machine and it’s returned back to the ePOS system through the cloud. This enables your reporting to be automatically consolidated and makes live adjustments to stock levels, employee performance and the day’s takings.

Integrated payments can save you money that’s previously been written off due to imbalances between software.


  • Link your card machine & ePOS system

  • Automatically settle & reconcile sales reports

  • Reduce human error & minimise manual input

Whatever your payments needs are, we have it covered

Card Machines

Whether you’re in store or on the road, we have a range of card machines to help you take payments face-to-face. Fully equipped with wireless connection, contactless payments and Same Day Settlement to deliver your funds in hours.

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Online Payment Solutions

Take online payments through your website 24/7 with our secure payment gateway. Accept all major cards and digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay in 140+ currencies. Integration options made to fit your resources.

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Integrated Payments

SmartBridge™ is our cloud-based software that connects your EPOS system and card machine, so you can power through the queues and turn tables faster by synchronising data, consolidating reports and eliminating human error.

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