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Hello, Lolly is a pos software house that brings the type of EPoS & payment technology that multi-nationals use, to small business like yours. We offer a complete EPoS package with software,  touchscreen tills and tablets, networked with card payment machines and real time, cloud based business analytics.

Our homegrown software is super intuitive and easy to use, designed with features that help with the bottom line – to save money, stimulate sales and save time.  It is the single most important tool for small business in the hospitality sector.

Our team have sourced the best hospitality-friendly tills in the market; either compact in design for a small counter space, completely portable with 7 hours battery life to being drop and water resistant – we’ve got it covered.

The Lolly EPoS is completely affordable too, from as little as £45 per month.  And we make sure it’s scalable, so that you can add additional tills, loyalty programs, tablets, chip and pin machines, the whole works! As and when your business grows. It’s easy!

Our support team is also homegrown, happy to train you on how to get the best out of your system and they provide full phone support 364 days a year.


Its Lolly - EPoS

Its Lolly – EPoS


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