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Microsoft’s Windows 10 – A Retail Revolution

Written by Katrina


MICROSOFT’S NEW WINDOWS 10 OPERATING SYSTEM WILL BE THE CATALYST FOR A RETAIL REVOLUTION – Lolly CEO, believes British enterprise will embrace the launch of Windows 10.

This week sees the much-publicised first release of Windows 10, which has been described as ‘the biggest sea change in PC software in three years[1]’.

“The new release has major benefits for the retail sector,” says Peter Moore, CEO of retail technology provider, Lolly. “I believe that the new Windows 10 operating system will be the catalyst for a retail revolution. The new features and functionality, coupled with the revised pricing model will make it a real winner for the independent retailer.

“Windows’ reliability – over many years – has justified its place as the operating system of choice for point of sale (PoS) in larger retailers. But, Windows systems and the software deployed on them have traditionally been too expensive and complex for smaller players. Independent retailers looking for the reporting and flexibility of PoS have found themselves with the dilemma of either choosing a lighter and aging Windows CE system, or deploying an iPad or Android tablet which, for many, represents a step into the unknown and limits the choice of peripherals.”

Windows 10 is the first Microsoft operating system launched under its new licensing model which allows manufacturers to install it on tablet devices at competitive price points. It means that a Windows 10 tablet will be considerably less than an entry level iPad.

“Over the next few months, we expect to see lots of new Windows-based tablets being launched. Complete with software designed for the new devices, integrated payments, flexible networking and long battery life, this will herald a new generation of powerful and relevant PoS systems for the independent retailer. From pop-ups to cafes, bistros to outside events, convenience stores to craft breweries.”

Consolis has had Windows 10 firmly in its sights in developing its Go software (based on its highly successful Smart PoS system). Go will launch later this year pre-loaded onto a Windows 10 tablet, as part of a range of PoS systems featuring the latest tablets and high grade peripherals.

Moore comments: “This represents an opportunity for us as a technology provider, and for our customers too. We have invested heavily in our systems to ensure our clients’ software will be updated on demand, giving them access to new services including loyalty and payment through ApplePay and YoYo Wallet.

“Our mission is to support independent retailers, by opening a gateway for them to use the infrastructure that – to date – has only been available to larger organisations. We’re very excited that this brings us closer to that goal.”
Notes to editors:

About Lolly

Since 2007, Lolly Systems has been delivering leading edge integrated Point of Sale (PoS) and payment processing systems, which offer the retailer a range of options aimed at increasing profitability.

From the beginning, the company’s vision has been to provide systems that are easy for retailers to use it has developed a ‘PoS in a Box’ system known as the Smart.

In its eight-year history, Lolly has built a broad customer base covering cafes, artisan bakeries, pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores and many other retail businesses. It has more than 30,000 customers, which include: SOHO Coffee, Jacobite Cruises, Hill Station Café, Fine Events co, The Doctor Who Experience at the BBC, the North Ronaldsay Lighthouse, Wok and Go, and many others.
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