Reduce queues, increase footfall and personalise the customer experience.


Reduce queues, increase footfall and personalise the customer experience.

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Cut waiting times

Our self-serve solutions help reduce waiting times by allowing multiple customers to place orders and make payments concurrently, without the need to open additional tills — reducing queues.

Enable order customisation

Offering customers the flexibility to customise their orders in their own time — with all options clearly displayed — enhances the overall experience while reducing incorrect or incomplete orders.

Increase upsell opportunities

By displaying promotional offers and suggestive upselling prompts, self-serve kiosks can encourage customers to add extras or upgrade their orders, maximising your overall revenue.

Reduce staffing overheads

Implementing self-serve kiosks or tablets can reduce the need for extra staff to take orders or wait tables and allow you to extend service hours at no extra cost, delivering substantial savings.

Key Software Features

Display detailed nutritional, Allergen, Nutritional and CO2 information for all products
Collect customer behaviour data to improve your menu offering
Age Verification for age restricted products
Order history available with customer account
Continuous software updates for enhanced functionality
Full technical support ensures uninterrupted operation
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Key Product Features

Desktop, mounted and free standing options available
Showcases product preferences
User friendly screens reduce order errors
Payment versatility: cards, Apple/Google Pay, and Bitcoin accepted
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App Features

The Lolly app comes with many incredible features to give your customers a great experience

Scan & Go
The app can operate as a mini EPoS. Customers can scan items and go.
Order Ahead
Customers can select and order items in advance and collect when ready
Delivery (Table or Office Desk)
Have your order delivered to your table or office desk
Payments & E-Receipts
A payment made with the app generates a PDF e-receipt
Loyalty Points
Collect loyalty points on products and redeem against future orders
Push Notifications
Send marketing notifications and updates to all your customers
Store Information
See the location of multiple branches, opening times and menus
Health Content
Show detailed nutritional information for all products
Allergens Filtering
In line with Natasha’s Law all allergen information is available on the app
Carbon Footprint
Be environmentally aware with the C02e value of all products
Issue vouchers to staff for freebies, birthdays and work anniversaries
Order History
View your entire order history from purchases to top-ups, including e-receipts

Cutting-edge self-service technology

Lolly Counterserve

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Lolly Curveserve

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Lolly Smartserve

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Lolly Snapserve

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Lolly Swiftserve

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Lolly Self-Serve users love what it can do

Lolly’s innovative solutions have helped contract caterers and independent businesses across all sectors to be more efficient, more agile and more profitable.

Customers love LollyServe; positive feedback and a 20% increase in uptake since installation. Among various EPOS providers, Lolly stands out with a superior system, impressive implementation, and a passion for innovative EPoS technologies, enhancing customer service.

Flipside 2

LollyServe is a game-changer. Its user-friendly system allows customers to serve themselves seamlessly, garnering positive feedback. Staff can now prioritize customer interactions, boosting efficiency. Since implementing LollyServe, our order volume and revenues have notably surged compared to last year.

Piccolo Kitchen

Lolly outshone all EPoS providers we considered for Flipside's fast-casual dining. Their system excelled in front and back-of-house operations, offering lightning-fast transactions and seamless self-serve integration—a perfect fit for our futuristic approach.


The Digital Journey

Our advanced integrated eco system seamlessly connects each one of our products. Lolly HQ is your single interface for monitoring, reporting, analysis and insights.

Move forward
with Lolly

Looking to update your current technology?  Boost your sales? Increase your margins? Or maybe you just need to get rid of a specific operational headache.

Contact one of our expert team to see how Lolly can help you provide an unmatched experience that delights staff and customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Self-Serve solutions be customised to match my brand?

Yes, our Self-Serve interfaces can be customised with your branding and photography, ensuring a consistent customer experience.

Do you offer technical support for Self-Serve solutions?

Yes. Our technical support team is available to assist you with any questions or technical issues related to Self-Serve solutions.

Is installation assistance available for Self-Serve solutions?

Yes, we provide installation services for Self-Serve solutions to ensure a hassle-free setup tailored to your business requirements.

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