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Our customer support team doesn’t just sit around waiting for the phone to ring. Thanks to Lolly HQ, we’re able to apply most product fixes proactively over the Internet, with minimal disruption to your service.

That frees us up to spend more time helping you get the most out of Lolly, and planning for future growth.


We’re always on hand to offer support with any queries or technical issues, and in the rare case we can’t apply a fix remotely, we provide a prompt and efficient on-site service to minimise downtime and service disruption.


We provide online or hands-on training to ensure your teams are confident and capable when using our solutions — and get the maximum benefit from the features and functionality on offer. 


We offer in-depth consultancy on every aspect of catering technology, from needs analysis to project management and implementation, helping you build a solution that fits your unique needs.

Growth planning

We’ll help you plan your journey with Lolly, advising on the right time to expand your systems and introduce new technology to ensure the optimal return on investment and power sustainable growth. 

Lolly Support users love what we can do

Lolly’s innovative solutions have helped contract caterers and independent businesses across all sectors to be more efficient, more agile and more profitable.

LollyPro's Cloud integration streamlines service with individual logins for efficient on/off access. As a manager, I monitor daily performance, optimizing staffing and stock levels. Exceptional support during setup ensured a smooth transition.


"The LollySmart till is indispensable with its user-friendly touch screen, resembling a mobile phone for café operators. Real-time sales data, stored in the cloud-based LollyHQ, allows us to access and identify trends anytime, anywhere."

Hill Station

"Lolly delivers exceptional support, responding promptly during and outside office hours. User-friendly system crucial in high-pressure trading; swift assistance from build deployment through lifecycle management ensures efficiency for staff at all levels."

Amazing Chocolate

Lolly's professional and conscientious approach, especially through their customer support engineer Mike Morris, delighted us at SOHO Coffee Co. Mike efficiently resolved teething problems, delivering the precise system and reporting detail our business needed.


Lolly outshone all EPoS providers we considered for Flipside's fast-casual dining. Their system excelled in front and back-of-house operations, offering lightning-fast transactions and seamless self-serve integration—a perfect fit for our futuristic approach.


Lolly's tech surpassed alternatives in both quality and affordability. Despite initially heading in a different direction, we made a swift change. Lolly's assurance of developing, acquiring, and deploying our system within a tight timeframe was pivotal.

Oxford Brookes

Lolly's support swiftly resolved any issues, enabling seamless integration with our existing hardware. Their software worked effortlessly, allowing us a hands-off approach. Exceptional service, rapid responses, and products delivered as promised. Outstanding communication.


Lolly exceeded expectations, swiftly delivering the free meals system with precision and unwavering support. Their proactive approach, attention to detail, and respect for student privacy showcase unparalleled development. As sector specialists, they consistently grasped and fulfilled our needs seamlessly.


Lolly's solution delivered precisely what we needed, with an integrated point-of-sale system that minimized errors and saved time. The robust LollySmart till efficiently handled over £70,000 from 8,000 customers across 24 locations in just four hours. Impressive results.


LollySmart's impressive battery life, user-friendly design, and lightweight build make it the ideal till for events. Programmable and easily operable, it enables swift setup for multiple tills. Its intuitive interface ensures quick training, allowing seamless transitions between events.

Open Air Events

Lolly's adaptable tills enhance event efficiency, allowing easy programming for upcoming events. Their intuitive design accelerates service speed, enabling swift order processing. Impressed by personalized support, Lolly makes us feel like valued clients, addressing queries promptly.


LollyServe is a game-changer. Its user-friendly system allows customers to serve themselves seamlessly, garnering positive feedback. Staff can now prioritize customer interactions, boosting efficiency. Since implementing LollyServe, our order volume and revenues have notably surged compared to last year.

Piccolo Kitchen

Lolly's support since the beginning has been invaluable. They quickly embraced our fine dining approach, meeting our needs seamlessly. The user-friendly system enhances efficiency in our bustling hospitality setting, providing swift access to crucial information. It's made our work significantly smoother.

Copper and Ink

Customers love LollyServe; positive feedback and a 20% increase in uptake since installation. Among various EPOS providers, Lolly stands out with a superior system, impressive implementation, and a passion for innovative EPoS technologies, enhancing customer service.

Flipside 2

Move forward
with Lolly

Looking to update your current technology?  Boost your sales? Increase your margins? Or maybe you just need to get rid of a specific operational headache.

Contact one of our expert team to see how Lolly can help you provide an unmatched experience that delights staff and customers.

Visit Lolly Labs

Innovation is the core of everything we do at Lolly. Our Labs department is constantly working on enhancing our solutions — developing and integrating new tech to empower our customers to achieve more.

From robot waiters to biometric payments, to AI checkouts, Lolly Labs puts the future of hospitality management in your hands, no matter what your size or sector.

Why not book a visit? We’d love to show you around

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Lolly Labs open for visitors?

We welcome visitors by appointment only, during normal office hours. Alternatively, you can arrange a Lolly Labs visit to your premises. Contact us to learn more.

Where can I see new products before they're released?

You can either arrange a visit to Lolly Labs or keep an eye on our blog and social media accounts to read about upcoming launches.

Does Lolly develop new products in-house?

Yes, we have our own R&D team, constantly working on new and innovative solutions to make catering and hospitality simpler and easier.

Can I make suggestions for new products?

Yes, we're always interested to hear from our users on the new technology or software they'd like to see as part of the Lolly range of solutions. Feel free to drop us a line with any ideas.