Accept card, mobile or website payments for a faster and more convenient service – directly through Lolly.


Accept card, mobile or website payments for a faster and more convenient service – directly through Lolly.

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Cutting-edge technology

Our R&D team looks beyond the horizon of what’s possible — regularly developing and launching market-defining hardware and software innovations that revolutionise catering and hospitality management.

User-focused design

We tailor our solutions to fit the generational needs of diverse user groups — customising our interfaces and apps to ensure your customers find them a pleasure to use whether they’re seven years old or 70 years young.

Sustainable solutions

We strive to minimise the carbon impact of our products, both during the manufacturing process and while in long-term use. And we’re constantly working on further innovations to reduce power usage, packaging and e-waste.

Seamless integration

Everything we develop, whether hardware or software, integrates seamlessly into the Lolly HQ ecosystem, so your next piece of tech comes ready to plug and play right out of the box, with regular over-the-air updates.

Key Software Features

Payment versatility: cards, Apple/Google Pay, and Bitcoin accepted
Bitcoin payments instantly deposited to vendor's account in sterling
Range of fully integrated card terminals
Integrate with Lolly EPoS range to speed service and reduce keying errors
Seamless integration with Lolly HQ for instant reporting
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Key Product Features

Card machines are plug & play for easy set-up
Fully equipped with wireless connection for contactless payments
Latest PCI PED 2.0 security as standard
APCS common criteria approved for compliance
Secure gateway for 24/7 website payments
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App Features

The Lolly app comes with many incredible features to give your customers a great experience

Scan & Go
The app can operate as a mini EPoS. Customers can scan items and go.
Order Ahead
Customers can select and order items in advance and collect when ready
Delivery (Table or Office Desk)
Have your order delivered to your table or office desk
Payments & E-Receipts
A payment made with the app generates a PDF e-receipt
Loyalty Points
Collect loyalty points on products and redeem against future orders
Push Notifications
Send marketing notifications and updates to all your customers
Store Information
See the location of multiple branches, opening times and menus
Health Content
Show detailed nutritional information for all products
Allergens Filtering
In line with Natasha’s Law all allergen information is available on the app
Carbon Footprint
Be environmentally aware with the C02e value of all products
Issue vouchers to staff for freebies, birthdays and work anniversaries
Order History
View your entire order history from purchases to top-ups, including e-receipts

Cutting-edge payment technology

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Lolly Payments users love what it can do

Lolly’s innovative solutions have helped contract caterers and independent businesses across all sectors to be more efficient, more agile and more profitable.

"Lolly delivers exceptional support, responding promptly during and outside office hours. User-friendly system crucial in high-pressure trading; swift assistance from build deployment through lifecycle management ensures efficiency for staff at all levels."

Amazing Chocolate

"The LollySmart till is indispensable with its user-friendly touch screen, resembling a mobile phone for café operators. Real-time sales data, stored in the cloud-based LollyHQ, allows us to access and identify trends anytime, anywhere."

Hill Station

LollyPro's Cloud integration streamlines service with individual logins for efficient on/off access. As a manager, I monitor daily performance, optimizing staffing and stock levels. Exceptional support during setup ensured a smooth transition.


LollySmart's impressive battery life, user-friendly design, and lightweight build make it the ideal till for events. Programmable and easily operable, it enables swift setup for multiple tills. Its intuitive interface ensures quick training, allowing seamless transitions between events.

Open Air Events

Lolly's adaptable tills enhance event efficiency, allowing easy programming for upcoming events. Their intuitive design accelerates service speed, enabling swift order processing. Impressed by personalized support, Lolly makes us feel like valued clients, addressing queries promptly.


Lolly's support since the beginning has been invaluable. They quickly embraced our fine dining approach, meeting our needs seamlessly. The user-friendly system enhances efficiency in our bustling hospitality setting, providing swift access to crucial information. It's made our work significantly smoother.

Copper and Ink

Lolly's solution delivered precisely what we needed, with an integrated point-of-sale system that minimized errors and saved time. The robust LollySmart till efficiently handled over £70,000 from 8,000 customers across 24 locations in just four hours. Impressive results.


Lolly's support swiftly resolved any issues, enabling seamless integration with our existing hardware. Their software worked effortlessly, allowing us a hands-off approach. Exceptional service, rapid responses, and products delivered as promised. Outstanding communication.


Lolly's tech surpassed alternatives in both quality and affordability. Despite initially heading in a different direction, we made a swift change. Lolly's assurance of developing, acquiring, and deploying our system within a tight timeframe was pivotal.

Oxford Brookes

Lolly's professional and conscientious approach, especially through their customer support engineer Mike Morris, delighted us at SOHO Coffee Co. Mike efficiently resolved teething problems, delivering the precise system and reporting detail our business needed.


The Digital Journey

Our advanced integrated eco system seamlessly connects each one of our products. Lolly HQ is your single interface for monitoring, reporting, analysis and insights.

Move forward
with Lolly

Looking to update your current technology?  Boost your sales? Increase your margins? Or maybe you just need to get rid of a specific operational headache.

Contact one of our expert team to see how Lolly can help you provide an unmatched experience that delights staff and customers.

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May 23, 2024

Lolly Continues Its Rapid Expansion

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October 4, 2023

Lolly Launches Facepay

Experience the future of secure and frictionless payments with Lolly's groundbreaking FacePay platform. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) through facial authentication, FacePay offers customers a swift, seamless, and secure payment solution. Users can effortlessly log into their accounts and utilize pre-loaded wallets with just their faces, enjoying benefits like earning and spending loyalty points, tracking orders, and assessing the environmental impact of meal choices. Beyond convenience, facial biometrics enhance transaction security, significantly reducing fraud risks. Peter Moore, CEO at Lolly, emphasizes the transformative impact of AI in the hospitality sector, foreseeing a future where biometric payments become ubiquitous. FacePay not only streamlines payment processes but also contributes to overall business efficiency, marking another milestone in Lolly's commitment to innovation. #FacialAuthentication #AIInnovation #SecurePayments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track payment data in real time with Lolly's system?

Yes, Lolly's integrated payment service provides real-time access to comprehensive financial reporting through Lolly HQ, allowing you to monitor transactions as they happen.

Do you offer technical support for Lolly's integrated payment service?

Yes, we provide comprehensive technical and customer support to address any payment-related questions or issues.

Can Lolly Payments be integrated with my existing systems?

Yes, our payments solution seamlessly integrates with a range of back-office, ordering and delivery systems.

Is installation assistance available for Lolly's integrated payment service?

Yes, we offer installation services to ensure a smooth setup of Lolly's integrated payment service in your business.

What payment methods are accepted by Lolly’s Self-Serve solutions?

Our solutions accept chip & PIN or contactless card payments as well as phone or smartwatch payments via Google Pay/Apple Pay.

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