Catering, connected.

Efficient food service is all about communication — that’s why a working kitchen is seldom quiet. But too often the tech you rely on can break that chain. And when business-critical systems don’t work together effectively, problems multiply.

With Lolly, that’s
never an issue.

We’ve developed an end-to-end hospitality platform, integrating market-leading hardware with cloud-based management software — to create a flexible and seamless solution you can rely on. 

Whether you’re serving 10 or 10,000 customers daily, Lolly adds value you won’t believe.

Our solutions are tailored to your business, the industry you work in and the unique needs of your customers. We evolve with you, making it easy to add new capabilities as you scale.

We give you unmatched oversight of your whole operation,

allowing you to optimise processes, profit margins and productivity. And we position you ahead of the market, with continuous innovation from the cutting edge of catering technology. 

To succeed in an intensely competitive marketplace, you need more than a supplier. You need a technology partner whose goals align with your own — serving your customers now and for the future. 

Meet the people behind your tech

Leadership - Steering the ship and supporting our talent.

Operations - Taking care of every moving part in your operation.

Finance - Keeping an eye on the numbers and data.

Development - Constantly innovating to make your life easier.

Support - Your guides to the future of catering technology.

Sales - Dedicated to your growth and profitability.

Angela Durnin
Financial Director
Peter Moore
Gero Turone
Director of Customer Experience
Hinan Qureshi
Head of Systems Infrastructure
Tiago Ferreira
Support & Provisioning Manager
Tom Lewis
Operations Manager
Paul Markey
Sales Manager
Joanne Cook
Programme Manager
Vicky Irons
Project Manager
Corinne Suttle
Office Manager & Sales Administrator
Denisa Richvalska
Finance Executive
Chris Brown
Head of Software Development
Steve Melia
Business Development Manager
Dave Gardener
Key Account Manager
Gwilym Davies
Jane Moore
Glen Wisbey
Head of Creative
Chris Lennon
Technical Product Manager and QA Manager
Jane Pople
Marketing Manager
Reece Speight
Senior Install Engineer
Sam Geary
AI and Robotic Development
Daniel Burton
UI/UX & App Developer
Sean Malone
Web Developer
Thomas Clarke
Data Entry & Systems Administrator
Jack Stafford Baker
Technician Apprentice
Jack Hedditch-Grey
Tech Support
Martin Freeman
Tech Support
Iman Sleemy
IT Admin & Tech Support
Nuno Fonseca
Customer Support Executive
Danny Goodacre
IT and Security Officer
Harriet Gribble
Product Manager
Rachel Wicks
Data Entry & Systems Administrator

A Track Record Of Innovation


We launch a revolutionary AI and facial recognition-powered payment solution — allowing customers to log in to their account hands-free and pay securely with digital wallet funds.


We become the first UK hospitality tech provider to enable our users to accept Bitcoin payments, offering more choice and convenience to new generations of customers.


Fergus, our first of many LollyBots, debuts at the Big Hospitality Expo — delighting delegates and ushering in a new era of automated and ultra-efficient customer service.


We launch a retrofit solution for vending machines to bring them into the digital age — adding contactless and mobile payment, as well as real-time sales data reporting.

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