Display up-to-the-minute menus, promotional videos and time-limited offers. Enhance customer experience and upsell across your range.

Digital Signage

Display up-to-the-minute menus, promotional videos and time-limited offers. Enhance customer experience and upsell across your range.

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Communicate more clearly

Replace traditional printed signage with digital displays that can convey information more clearly and effectively, reducing confusion around availability or pricing and enhancing the customer experience.

Engage with customers

Display continually updated menus, product imagery, and high-definition promotional videos that capture customer attention and encourage them to upgrade orders or make additional purchases.

Promote products and offers

Use digital signage to showcase new or limited-availability products and promote time-limited offers informed by inventory management — increasing visibility, reducing waste and driving sales.

Update in real time

Update menu or promotional content in real time through a user-friendly web interface to keep your messaging fresh and relevant — responding quickly to changes in your menu, promotions, or special events.

Key Software Features

Fully customisable
Rotational digital menus, with automatic price updates and stock availability
Enhance customer engagement with interactive content such as videos
Collect customer behaviour data to improve your menu offering
Continuous software updates for enhanced functionality
Full technical support ensures uninterrupted operation
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Key Product Features

Display across multiple screen formats from tablets to 80” screens
Dynamic menu display, controlled from Lolly HQ
Schedule menus to seamlessly switch between offerings
Easily alternate between images and video content
Energy-saving timer to schedule when screens come on
Link multiple screens together for enhanced displays
Play mixed media across all screens
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App Features

The Lolly app comes with many incredible features to give your customers a great experience

Scan & Go
The app can operate as a mini EPoS. Customers can scan items and go.
Order Ahead
Customers can select and order items in advance and collect when ready
Delivery (Table or Office Desk)
Have your order delivered to your table or office desk
Payments & E-Receipts
A payment made with the app generates a PDF e-receipt
Loyalty Points
Collect loyalty points on products and redeem against future orders
Push Notifications
Send marketing notifications and updates to all your customers
Store Information
See the location of multiple branches, opening times and menus
Health Content
Show detailed nutritional information for all products
Allergens Filtering
In line with Natasha’s Law all allergen information is available on the app
Carbon Footprint
Be environmentally aware with the C02e value of all products
Issue vouchers to staff for freebies, birthdays and work anniversaries
Order History
View your entire order history from purchases to top-ups, including e-receipts

Cutting-edge signage technology

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Lolly Digital Signage users love what it can do

Lolly’s innovative solutions have helped contract caterers and independent businesses across all sectors to be more efficient, more agile and more profitable.

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The Digital Journey

Our advanced integrated eco system seamlessly connects each one of our products. Lolly HQ is your single interface for monitoring, reporting, analysis and insights.

Move forward
with Lolly

Looking to update your current technology?  Boost your sales? Increase your margins? Or maybe you just need to get rid of a specific operational headache.

Contact one of our expert team to see how Lolly can help you provide an unmatched experience that delights staff and customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lolly integrate with existing digital signage solutions?

Yes, we currently support integrations with Beaver Trison and Yodeck.

Do you provide technical support for Digital Signage solutions?

Yes, our technical support team is available to assist you with any questions or technical issues related to Digital Signage solutions

How many screens can I connect in a single Digital Signage solution?

As many as you like -- there's no practical limit to the number of screens you can connect, and our web-based solution can integrate screens across multiple sites.

Is installation assistance available for Digital Signage solutions?

Yes, we offer installation assistance for Digital Signage solutions to ensure that your content is displayed effectively.

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