Any questions? We’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out. Peruse below, but don’t forget…the Lolly team is always here to support you and answer your questions.

What is self-serve?

Self-serve enables your customers to order and pay through a touch screen digital menu system; for example a kiosk or tablet, and send their order directly to the kitchen for preparation.

LollyServe is a flexible and bespoke software solution that has been developed specifically to help corporate caterers, quick service restaurants, cafe’s and fast food outlets to increase footfall, maximise profits and respond to customer demand for seamless service.


How does self-service work?

Customers peruse the menu, select their order, and make payment via a touch screen kiosk or tablet. This generates an order number and details, which are directly displayed on kitchen video screens for staff to freshly prepare. The order is then made for the customer to collect.


How do customers pay for their order?

The LollyServe system takes cashless or mobile payment, speeding up the ordering and payment process. Ordering and payment through LollyServe is easy, secure and intuitive.

Contactless and cashless payments are made through a P2PE encrypted gateway.


Is integrating self-serve expensive?

Integrating self-serve into any hospitality environment requires investment, but the level of investment depends on your unique needs. LollyServe has been priced to be affordable for hospitality businesses of all sizes. We have worked hard to build an entry level solution which integrates EPoS payments and self-serve – helping smaller hospitality providers to compete on a level playing field. Our team can also build advanced bespoke systems with LollyServe, suitable for integrated, multi-site corporate catering.

LollyServe has been developed to run on a range of hardware. Whatever the environment you are trying to suit, we are able to meet all of your requirements. From a simple tablet placed on a counter or handed to your customer, to powering a whole row of kiosks, LollyServe can do it all.


Will self-serve mean I can reduce staffing levels?

We hope that our automated EPoS system will enable hospitality providers to redirect time and resources to other areas of their business, such as kitchen preparation – improving their offering and maximising footfall.

For many hospitality businesses, beginning by introducing a mixed service environment with both manned tills and self-serve can be a good start. This allows you to better manage and utilise your staff, thus improving service and keeping up with increased throughput.


Will LollyServe help future-proof my business?

At Lolly we are always working to be at the cutting edge of hospitality technology. The LollyServe self-service PoS system is seamless and fully integrated, meaning your business can get ahead in today’s fast-paced hospitality world.

Our software and hardware is both flexible and scalable, supporting growth and the advancement of your business into the future at your own pace.

Today’s customers expect prompt service, when and where they want. The next generation is coming into the purchasing cycle and they are looking to purchase in a different way. Self-service technology addresses this new dynamic of shopping and the desire to browse and purchase in a customer’s own time, creating a truly personalised service. Choices are vast, the pace of living is fast; now more than ever it’s important to add value and to build loyalty with these customers.


Is LollyServe cloud-based software?

LollyServe is a cloud-based solution, allowing systems to be deployed quickly and updated instantaneously across your network. As a result, hospitality businesses can respond quickly to changing environments. This speed and flexibility means menus and prices, as well as nutritional and dietary information, can all be easily updated to support your customers’ needs.


Why should I be considering self-serve for my hospitality business?

There are a whole range of benefits when it comes to using LollyServe. First and foremost – for most businesses – it offers great ROI, as a result of increased footfall.

Self-serve also provides better utilisation of staff hours – allowing employees to focus on other key areas, such as the kitchen, resulting in a better overall customer experience. For more details on benefits, as well as guidance on when self-serve might be right for your business, read our self-serve guide.


What types of self-serve units are available?

When it comes to selecting the right hardware or unit for self-serve, LollyServe offers a whole range to choose from, including hand-held and kiosk units.


Is it simple to use (for customers and staff)?

Absolutely. We have built LollyServe to be simple, intuitive and engaging. It’s easy to use for customers, with smooth menu browsing, integrated loyalty and super-fast secure payments.

For staff and management the LollyServe system is not only easy to update, with menu changes, daily offers, and removal of out-of-stock items, it is also seamlessly integrated with a kitchen management system – making the job of kitchen and prep staff more efficient and easier.

Lolly also provides an advanced back office program to manage your EPOS system and all of your reporting.


How long does it take to get up and running with self-serve?

For small grab-and-go outlets that decide to launch self-serve, we recommend they decide on their menu set and provide their pictures/photos. We can then turn a system around in as little as 10-14 days.

Larger, more complex integrations will require a little more time and planning. Contact us to find out more.

Once the system is installed, your staff and customers will take no time at all to get the hang of our intuitive LollyServe!


What should I spend?

Spend only what you can. However, putting forward a decent investment towards the right equipment that offers the best solution for your unique business will deliver a better outcome than going for the cheapest, or simplest looking option.

Do your homework, and make sure you understand the small print. Consider scaleable products, so your investment will be sustainable and grow with your business.


How can you guarantee ROI?

You have to do your numbers right from the outset. Work out what you need, and what you can afford to spend. Make sure you are working with a partner who not only understands both requirements fully, but that will support you in making the best use of all the great benefits self-serve can have.


Can self-serve support social distancing/Covid-19 protocols?

Carefully implemented self-serve can help reduce queues and person-to-person contact, thus improving the social distancing measures.

Self-serve also introduces and maintains a cashless environment for your business through contactless and mobile payments, another important aspect of reducing the spread of Covid-19

Anti-microbial screen protectors can also be installed on LollyServe machines to protect customers from passing on viral or bacterial material between users.