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Hospitality providers get Smart this summer with Lolly’s ‘Rent a till’

Written by Katrina


Only UK provider to integrate EPoS and payments rental services through its Lolly Smart

The summer is peak trading season for many businesses and entrepreneurs. From festivals to fayres, exhibitions to concerts – with such a huge variety of events up and down the country, the opportunities to reach new customers are endless. Many hospitality providers maximise sales by using their outdoor space for barbecues and pop-up stalls during the summer months.

But these exciting opportunities also present challenges, especially for small businesses who want to provide high levels of service, yet need to keep their costs low.

In order to facilitate the flexibility needed to trade at these events Lolly, the Point of Sale (PoS) and payments specialist, has launched a ‘rent a till’ option through its LollySmart offering. By the week, month, or the season, with delivery and collection, it provides a hassle-free answer to boosting sales and quality of service.

The company is the only UK provider to link EPoS and payments rental services without the need for a third party. Through this offering, hospitality providers are able to take all card and contactless payments (Apple Pay & Android Pay), even on the move. They can also save valuable time with automatic reconciliation of their PoS and payments in a single action, each day.

The portable LollySmart till means there is no need to let slow payment or overcharging be the cause of poor customer service. Compact, lightweight, and with a touchscreen that utilises software specifically designed for ease-of-use, it offers the perfect opportunity for any business to get up and running for the busy summer season.

Outdoor events mean traders are often challenged by the delightful and changeable British weather. Relying on generators or long cables to keep them going, they risk losing a lot of custom if the power cuts out. However, with seven hours battery life, the LollySmart till means power issues will not prevent trading. Additionally, data and transaction records are kept secure and safe with an SD card.

Peter Moore, CEO at Lolly, said: “It’s a fact that people carry far less cash with them today, and the expectation is that even small businesses will offer card payments. However, without serious investment this is not always possible, especially for pop-up style caterers.

“At events such as festivals, fast and efficient service is crucial for providing excellent customer experience. Consumers want speedy, practical methods of payment so they can enjoy their food – without wasting time. Competition and expectations are high. It’s a challenge to keep up with demand, which is why we have developed a rental option to support these businesses and help them to maximise their sales and thrive.”

For further information, please visit https://itslolly.com/epos-rental/.

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