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Top 5 EPoS Tips

Written by Katrina


Creating financial success within the hospitality environment

1. Financial accuracy

An EPoS system will reduce the likelihood of customers being either under or overcharged, which can have an impact on the overall bottom line.

2. Speed of service

Integrating card payments at the PoS will ensure a speedier and more accurate service, helping to maximise sales opportunities, but also encouraging repeat custom.

3. Stock management

Businesses – of any size – should have the ability to tap into a powerful back office that automatically takes care of stock inventory, wastage and profit and loss down to an individual ingredient. This should all happen in real-time, so stock can be replenished with no interruption to service, maximising takings and profits. This will also help the hospitality provider to understand wastage trends.

4. Accountability

Hospitality providers need a system that can help them to actively monitor staff activity, for example: to gauge which member of staff is performing well. Or, conversely, to identify unusual patters or trends, such as a high number of void transactions.

5. Real time reporting

Having the ability to see the peak selling times of the day, as well as the daily and annual profit margins, means the hospitality specialist can see what is really going on in their business, and therefore adapt accordingly.

Always opt for a simple and intuitive system, and one without any hidden costs when it comes to an upgrade.

An EPoS provider should be there to act as a partner, to support the business and its potential growth.

At the end of the day, having an EPoS system in place should help you to save time and money, and grow the bottom line.


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