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We provide a cracking suite of point of sale tools designed to improve the bottom line of your hospitality business. The package includes EPoS software, EPoS tills and tablets, card payment machines, cloud based back office and productivity apps. All lovingly created, developed, and sourced to increase the productivity of your business.

Big tech, small price

We provide all businesses with the type of technology a multi-national would use, at a disruptive price point. We’re not a one trick pony though, we’ve developed the Lolly EPoS system so that it is scalable, meaning you can add more tills, card machines and apps, as your business grows.

Who we serve.


We are based in Shoreditch, in London, but we serve over 1,200 businesses across the whole of the UK: hospitality, coffee shops, pubs, night clubs, mobile catering, pop ups, events and corporate catering.

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