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Flexible solutions that evolve as your business grows

Creating the best employee experience

We offer a range of over 30 award-winning, integrable kitchen management, self-serve, payments and EPoS till systems tailored to your needs. We provide businesses, from blue chip organisations to SMEs, with efficient, reliable, accurate solutions and reports.

Our generational adoption approach takes account of the types of users that you have and the unique environment they work in.

The only company to offer straight out-of-the box integrated EPoS and payments, meaning you only have one provider for all your service needs, helping to lower operational costs.



Business & Industry Solutions


We provide a host a payment options from card to EPoS and mobile, integrated payments and Apple Pay.


Years of working in enterprise has helped us to source the best EPoS till systems you can rely on.


To help reduce queues, increase footfall and maximise revenue during busy service periods.

Mobile App

Creating a digital connection between the hospitality provider and staff. From pre-order to payments, loyalty and dietary information.

Kitchen Management

Providing strong communication between the point of sale and the kitchen.

Digital Signage

Our solution helps you to create easily adaptable and engaging menu displays. Screens come in a range of sizes.

Robot Waiters

Our robot waiters can take orders from the kitchen to the table, and help to clear tables, thereby reducing operating costs.

Lolly HQ

Online hospitality reporting for business and industry

Be empowered with an effective analytics dashboard tailored to report on the performance of your hospitality offering.

Monitor a single till or multiple tills and sites. Access your management information – whenever and wherever you need it, from any device.

Easy to set up and use. From complete stock control to product pricing updates and essential sales data automatically backed up in our cloud-based Lolly HQ.


Want to know more? Contact us today.

Want to know more? Contact us today.