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EPoS for Coffee Shop


37.6% customers put off by long wait times

Long wait times were cited as ‘off putting’ to a whopping 37.6% of respondents of a recent Caffe Culture Survey. With Lolly you can speed up service, grow your repeat business, save on transaction times and reduce staff keying errors.  Simply link your Lolly EPoS & card machine so you don’t have to re-enter totals into the card machine. This will save on lengthy end of day recounts too.

Bust through frustrating queues; simply take orders from queuing customers and send them directly to your food and drink preparation areas.

Grow repeat customers, reduce errors and save on end of day recounts.

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Fully integrate your EPoS
& card machine (we do it for you)

Downloadable EPoS

Downloadable EPoS
& EPoS and reporting

EPoS Hardware

Standalone EPoS till
or tablet, or linked up

Card Machine

(it’s not as difficult or
expensive as you may think)


Complex need, multiple
site or need cashless

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