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Kitchen Management

Decrease wait times, enhance efficiency, reduce food waste

Effective communication between FOH & kitchen

Delivering a great customer experience relies on effective communication between front-of-house and the kitchen.

Lolly’s integrated kitchen management video screens replace traditional paper orders and help to reduce waiting times, keeping your customers updated, enhancing efficiency and minimising food wastage.

Easy-to-use touch screens will clearly display orders in real-time. They can be deployed as a standalone or as part of a complete interlinked system, to include order & collect screens and dispatch/packaging screens, ideal for any sized business.

The order flow process

Lolly Self Serve

Orders from Lolly Self Serve are sent to the KVS / Barista Screens for preperation

Lolly POS

From Lolly POS orders are sent to the KVS / Barista Screens for preperation

Lolly APP

Orders ae sent from the Lolly APP to the Pre-Order manager, once here orders are split sent to the Food & Drink KVS screens

Lolly Click & Collect

The Lolly Click & Collect screen gives the customer a visual guide to ho wthere order is progressing.

Lolly KVS (Food)

Orders from Lolly POS & Lolly Self Serve are directed to either a Food KVS or a Drinks KVS, Once marked complete the orders are updated on the Click & Collect screen

Lolly KVS (Drinks)

Drinks from Lolly POS & Lolly Self Serve are directed to the Dinks (Barista) KVS, Once marked complete the orders are sent to the Full Order (Dispatch) Screen.

Full Order (Dispatch)

All completed KVS orders once marked complete are sent to the Full Order (Dispatch) screeen. When marked complete the Click & Collect screen is updated, a tray receipt is also printed.

Tray Printer

Once all orders are complete a tray receipt is printed out, this can also be used to attach to bags for UBER/JUST EAT /DELIVEROO Orders

Product Features

  • Displays all information via a simple user-friendly interface
  • Replaces traditional kitchen printers and paper ticket systems
  • The screen acts as the communication link between the front -of-house and kitchen staff
  • Online orders are sent directly to the screen
  • Kitchen staff are informed in real-time on customer orders, status and special requirements
  • Following order fulfilment, a simple click ‘complete order’ updates the queue and closes the ticket
  • Unlimited number of touch screens can be configured to suit any type of food and drink service operation

Lolly HQ

Access online management and reporting in real time via PC, tablet or mobile phone

Lolly empowers you and your business with an effective analytics dashboard tailored to report on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Monitor a single till, multiple tills and multiple sites, from any device, wherever you are in the world.

Our remote management offering is second to none, enabling complete stock control as well as adjustments to product pricing at any time. All of your essential sales and configuration data is automatically backed up on our cloud-based Lolly HQ.

Want to know more? Contact us today.

Want to know more? Contact us today.