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we like to make things as easy as possible

We will support you from the sign up and setup stage,
to providing ongoing technical support.

Know How

Whether it’s an EPoS system or a chip and pin machine, we will ensure we understand what you need so that you get what you want. We’ve got bagloads of experience helping businesses like yours and we will provide some handy advice that can help your business along the way.

Plug and Play

There is no installation required for your till or card machine, just plug and play and you are ready to rock n roll.

Free Delivery

We will deliver your initial till or card machine free of charge, liaising with you on convenient delivery times along with the tracking details. If you have a new site launch or event coming up we will ensure we deliver your order by your specified deadlines.

Set up

Card Machine

  1. Submit your application form
  2. 3-5 working days to open  merchant account
  3. Card machine will be dispatched
  4. Plug and play!

EPoS Till

  1. Lolly processes your application
  2. You submit your product file (excel spreadsheet of all your products & prices)
  3. Lolly builds & tests your till
  4. Lolly dispatches your till
  5. Introductory training session (phone)
  6. Full training session (phone)

Free Till Training

Your assigned Lolly Guru will provide two complimentary training sessions. The first will be a taster session on the day you receive the till, to get you orientated around your Lolly system.

The second is a full session which goes into more detail. At this stage you will have had a week of getting familiar with the till. This session can last 10 – 60 minutes depending on the number of questions you have.

Complimentary sessions are available within 3 months of setup. Further training requests are available as an add-on package.

Ongoing support

Contact Support

Replace Card Machine

If your chip and pin machine is faulty, we will replace the card machine and send to you via next day delivery (if we’re notified before midday).

Till Software Updates

Like the apps on your mobile or tablet, we have regular updates with feature enhancements to further improve the performance and functionality of your Lolly system.

Technical Support Hours

  • 7 days a week
  • 364 days a year
  • 9-5.30pm
  • emergency support until 10pm

Till Warranties

Outright If you purchase your till outright, you have a 12 month warranty and support service which can be extended at an additional cost.

Services Agreement

If you choose to pay monthly, you have a warranty and ongoing support service included for the duration of your contract.

Support add-on

Out of contract? Don’t worry, you can buy an add-on for further technical support for 6 months or 12 months.

Next Day Till Replacement

On the off chance that there is a hardware fault on your till that cannot be remotely resolved by one of our Lolly Guru’s, we will replace the till and send to you via next day delivery (if we’re notified before midday). This is offered for customers who opt for our pay monthly services agreement.

Card Machine Warranty

If you choose to pay monthly, you have warranty and ongoing support service included for the duration of your contract.

Training Add-on

Got new staff? Forgotten something from your initial training session? Don’t worry, you can buy an extra training session.