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Charity Donation Options through EPOS Devices Chris Lennon, product manager at Lolly

Written by Jessica Cross


Businesses today are increasingly recognising their role when it comes to making a positive impact on society. One innovative way for the hospitality and retail sectors is by integrating charity donation options into their Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) devices. Such an approach allows customers to contribute to various causes seamlessly during their transactions, resulting in a win-win scenario for both businesses and charitable organisations.

At Lolly, we’re seeing increasing numbers of our clients requesting for charity buttons and features to be added to their point of sale, and we’re continually adapting to meet these needs. It’s really interesting to see how this is all unfolding.

The Rise of Charitable EPOS Donations:

The integration of charity donation options within EPoS systems has gained substantial traction in recent years.

Already other business sectors such as retailers are seeing a positive result when affiliated to charitable causes, in fact 60% of consumers (in the US) are more likely to shop at a store if it supports a charitable cause[1] and this is likely to be true for hospitality too.

Impactful Statistics:

And numerous businesses have reported encouraging results from incorporating charity donation options into their EPOS devices. For instance, a survey conducted by GoodBox, a technology provider for charitable donations, found that nearly 75% of customers at participating stores chose to donate when presented with the opportunity during checkout. This reflects a substantial proportion of paying customers actively engaging in philanthropy while completing their purchases.

Furthermore, a case study by a prominent retail chain in the US revealed that over the course of a year, their EPOS-driven charity donation campaign raised an impressive $250,000 for a children’s hospital.

Such statistics underscore the potential of EPOS-enabled charity donations in generating meaningful financial support for charitable causes.

Benefits Beyond Donations:

The advantages of incorporating charity donation options extend beyond monetary contributions. Businesses that actively promote social causes through their EPoS devices are likely to witness increased customer loyalty and brand recognition.

By providing customers with the option to donate a small amount while making a purchase, companies tap into a potent tool for enhancing their brand’s social responsibility and fostering goodwill within their customer base.

Lolly has recently launched a new system, which runs across all its software, including the app – enabling hospitality providers to support multiple charities, as opposed to being restricted to only a handful.

In conclusion, the integration of charity donation options into EPoS devices represents a powerful means for businesses to engage customers in philanthropy. As this trend continues to evolve, businesses that prioritize social responsibility through EPoS-driven charity donations are well-positioned to not only make a positive impact on society but also bolster their own brand image and customer loyalty.


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