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Consolis Has Rebranded to Lolly

Written by Katrina


Retail and hospitality technology business, Consolis, has re-branded, changing its name to ‘Lolly’. This decision reflects the company’s new strategy to extend its B2B EPoS and payment technology offerings to include products and services aimed at the consumer market, in line with growing market demands.

According to Deloitte, digital technology is influencing 33% of in-store retail sales in the UK, equalling nearly £100 billion (1), and this trend continues to drive advancements in contactless and eWallet payments.

Combining this evolving technology with a secure, robust Cloud back-end continues to open up possibilities to integrate EPoS with third party and in-store apps, making payments technology more data-driven than ever before.

It is this transformation of the payments process that allows merchants to offer a more interactive and tailored experience for consumers both on and offline and that has helped drive Consolis’ re-brand and product expansion.

“We have always been committed to providing payment solutions designed to grow with our customers and extending our offering to include consumer-facing technology fits into this vision,” said Peter Moore, CEO of Lolly.

We wanted to develop a fresh, new brand that acknowledged our business’s evolution in line with the changes in the overall payments market. It needed to resonate with small businesses and consumers alike and move our brand forward. Lolly met that brief.”

The team selected ‘Lolly’ to rejuvenate the English slang term for money and give it – and the equally British Consolis brand – a fresh new twist.

Moore added: “These are exciting times for our industry and the business.
The change to Lolly represents the next step in our strategic direction as we continue to develop our portfolio of payment technology and Cloud-based solutions for businesses and consumers in the retail and hospitality sector.”

“So watch this space,” concludes Moore. “It’s all about Lolly: EPoS and payments stuff!”

(1) “Digital influence in UK retail. The true value of digital in-store”.
Deloitte. January 2015


Notes to editors:

New Product names:
Consolis will also be changing its hardware product names to fit with its new Lolly brand:

X10 is now ‘Lolly Smart’
X14 is now ‘Lolly Pro’
X Tab is now ‘Lolly Tab Top’ (for the fixed to countertop versions) and ‘LollyGo’ (for the handheld mobile version) Inno On Demand/Cloud is now ‘LollyHQ’

About Consolis – now Lolly
Since 2007, Consolis Systems has been delivering leading edge integrated Point of Sale (PoS) and payment processing systems, which offer the retailer a range of options aimed at increasing profitability.

From the beginning, the company’s vision has been to provide systems that are easy for retailers to use it has developed a ‘EPoS in a Box’ system known as the X-10.

In its eight-year history, Consolis has built a broad customer base covering cafes, artisan bakeries, pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants.

Find Lolly online and on social media:
Website: itslolly.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LollyLtd
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Its_Lolly_Ltd
Instagram: www.instagram.com/its_lolly_ltd/
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/lolly-ltd
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/106810675839845787236

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