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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Comments

Written by Roisin


Lolly, the digital commerce specialist, has worked with point of sale hardware suppliers in China and the Far East for many years. Today the company provides enterprise level EPoS to hospitality and retail SMEs at an affordable price.

Here, Peter Moore CEO of Lolly, talks about the impact of the Coronavirus on day-to-day operations.

“The Coronavirus is having an impact across many aspects of our business, particularly from a logistical point of view with our supply chain, where the focus is on China and the Far East. When we sign a contract with a new customer in the UK for the supply of new tills and software, whether for one unit at one site or multiple units across a number of sites, we order in the appropriate levels stock. 

“We’re now beginning to see delays in terms of the supply of this stock, which may have a knock on effect when it comes to our own project delivery.

“As a team we are working closely to ensure all orders and installations are delivered on time. We are dedicated to supporting everyone from small independents, to large corporate caterers keep on track with their technology updates. In our office we are taking extra measures, such as sanitising hands and upping cleaning practises.

“The UK hospitality industry is undoubtedly going to take a real knock in the weeks and months ahead. We are already seeing people choose not to venture out to restaurants, bars and hotels, especially in city hubs. It is vital for these hospitality providers to be supported, and through our technology we aim to support greater throughput and improved margins. 

“I am encouraged by the Chancellor’s investment package to help the significant short-term impact that the Coronavirus will have. Given the impact to this sector specifically, I believe this will be welcomed by a large number of providers.”

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