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Lolly Apprentice Update

Written by Roisin


With this week being National Apprenticeship Week, we wanted to catch up with our apprentices, new and old, to see how they are faring in their apprenticeship, or in their permanent role at Lolly.

Daniel Burton 

Daniel began his apprenticeship in 2016, and since his graduation has become an integral part of the Lolly team in his role as App Developer.

“After starting out at Lolly doing an apprenticeship, I have been given the support and resources to progress my skills and become an App Developer. Although I am involved in a lot of things in Lolly, my main focus is adding to and improving the Lolly App with things such as In Venue ordering and Desk Delivery.”



Tyler McCrory 

Since his graduation from the apprenticeship scheme in 2018, Tyler has been developing his skills even further at Lolly as an IT Support Technician.

“The times are very strange right now for everyone, but working at It’s Lolly has been exciting and kept my mind busy throughout the pandemic. I have been interested in the Level 4 Network Engineer course which would boost my position and help me master skill sets within the IT sector. I personally feel like I have improved considerably throughout the year and hope to continue this for 2021!”



Alex Patey

Alex started his apprenticeship in 2020 and is due to graduate his apprenticeship next year.

My apprenticeship has been progressing very well, I have learned a great deal of new skills and developed my ability to program greatly. At the moment I am working on a website project, where I am required to use the full breadth of my knowledge, from front end UI design and implementation, to data handling on the back end. I have had a great experience with Its Lolly and hope to continue to work for them in the future.”


Daniel Fletcher

Daniel joined Lolly on the apprenticeship scheme in December 2020.

“I’ve always been interested in computing. However, having taken a computing course at college that wasn’t very inspiring and was more focused on coding and structured education, I was keen to find something that would allow me to study in a more practical, independent manner. The Lolly apprenticeship offered that and I think it will be a valuable qualification for the future.

The work is engaging, the team are all really nice and I feel as though I’ve found the right place for me.”

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