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Looking to expand, refurbish, renovate, restock or just need a cash boost?

Written by Katrina


Looking to expand, refurbish, renovate, restock or just need a cash boost? Is a merchant cash advance for you?

This smarter, low risk way to finance your business is available if you have been trading for 1 year and take between £3,500 and £250,000 per month through your credit and debit card payments.  Unlike a loan, merchant cash advances are unsecured and processed faster than a typical loan and give you quick access to capital, when you need it.The decision to fund is based on the performance of your business not your credit rating.

The cash advance is calculated on your average monthly card turnover.  If you average £10,000 per month you’ll be considered for a cash advance up to £10,000.  How much and how long you take to repay fluctuates with your sales volumes giving you greater flexibility to manage cash flow.  There are no hidden fees or admin costs, the cost of the advance is a one time fixed fee of a factor between 1.20 and 1.30 and is repaid at a rate of 20% or 30% of future card sales. For example, £10,000 cash advance, repay £13,000.  At a rate of 20% of future monthly card revenue of £10,000 that is £2,000 per month for 6.5 months.

Pay back as you earn, if your sales increase your repayment period will be faster and if your sales decrease your repayment will take longer, there are no penalties for any fluctuation.

It’s simple to apply for and Lolly is here to help you with the application. There are no lengthy forms, no security required, no business case to put forward, no underwriting, no affect on your overall credit score and no payback deadlines. The decision is made within 3-5 working days and cash advanced within 10 days. Contact us on free call 0800 038 5380 for more information.

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