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New cloud-based functionality helps hospitality providers to maximise the customer experience

Written by Katrina


We are very excited to announce that we have simplified the entire approach for managing customers and improving loyalty by launching a new cloud-based customer accounts functionality.

The Customer Accounts module helps hospitality specialists to add customers and synch their details in the cloud – a move away from the traditional practice of keeping information on local PCs, with dated architecture, requiring internal back-up routines and onerous data protection security

New customers can be added on to the module directly from the till or from the back office, using a range of data capture – postcode, email address etc. A photograph can be stored against the account, for identity purposes, and card swipes or other identity forms can be assigned to customers with a monetary credit  – making service at busy times even faster.

Through back-office reporting functionality, the module can report on what customers are buying, where, how much and when. In addition, their balance can be managed with designated credit limits along with full account statements, and cards can be topped up with pre-loaded values – enabling the customer to go cashless.

Our CEO Peter Moore says, “Our new customer accounts module is simple and intuitive, and has been designed to provide enterprise customer management and loyalty at an affordable price – helping smaller hospitality providers to truly build their customer base.

“Gone are the days of legacy systems which have the potential for customer data loss. We want to support our clients with the upcoming changes to General Data Protection Regulations, and are fully provisioning for this with the launch of Customer Accounts.”

For further information on Customer Accounts, call us on 0800 0385389.

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