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Partnership Between FlipSide and Lolly Caters to Smithfield’s Growing Plant-Based Demand

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Denisa Richvalska
March 28, 2024
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LollyServe supports 20 percent uptake in customers since installation


Walking along the busy strip right by Smithfields in London, you’d be surprised how many eateries there are, and how long you often have to queue for your lunch – wasting some of your precious free hour. One future-facing restaurant, Dee Thaya’s Flipside, a modern American, plant-based grab and go offering, has decided to fully integrate LollyServe to cut down on queues and save their customers time. 

In a highly competitive area, making Flipside stand out as a new quality option was a challenge. Dee, alongside his wife, Bavani, knew the best way for them to differentiate themselves was to generate greater customer engagement, and maximise sales opportunities. By choosing LollyServe, and therefore creating an engaging self-serve environment for the restaurant, they knew they could meet customer expectations of fast, fresh, modern dining. 

Reaching goals together – bringing the future to the present

Dee explained how this has felt like a joint venture, with Lolly onside at each turn to advise and support their desire to innovate and minimize the apprehension around any investment of this sort. 

“There were many other companies chasing our business, but we decided on Lolly, and their support and aftercare have been extremely good,” he explained. “Customers really like it, we’ve had very positive feedback on their use of LollyServe and have seen around a 20 per cent uptake in customers since installation.

"We met with an array of EPOS solution providers, large and small. Lolly's system was superior on every count both front and back of house. The implementation from the Lolly team was equally as impressive - making our lives easier so we can get on and focus on quality food. They have a driving passion for new EPoS technologies and better customer service - bringing the future to the present." 

Speedy service in a friendly environment 

In Flipside there are three self-serve machines, capable of menu browsing, grab and go purchases and food/drink ordering. This is linked into the kitchen video display system which presents the orders on a screen, avoiding paper orders. They have a dedicated
collection area for customers to get their orders. Customers can be in and out in a flash, or there are seating areas that have the feel of a friendly co-working space, even including a telephone booth for private calls whilst you consume your order! Three menus change throughout the day, giving customers comprehensive vegan options for breakfast, lunch and an easy-going evening meal. 

They also have three other POS machines, where customers place their orders at a staffed counter. Pagers are assigned to the customer, so they can leave the queue. When the order is ready, they are paged via the KVS food screens. 

A taste of the future 

Peter Moore, CEO at Lolly, added: “We are delighted to be supporting Flipside in this very exciting venture - providing PoS systems to cover the entire service offering. 

"Self-serve and cashless have become all important within the hospitality sector, as people move towards the 'grab & go' concept. Flipside was keen to work with a partner that could provide real flexibility, so - together - we have worked hard to design and develop a tailored platform. We are really excited to be debuting our new LollyServesystem. 

"I firmly believe that this type of restaurant concept will be at the forefront in years to come - as customers take full control of the transactions they make, and casual dining takes a new twist." 

Flipside and LollyServe are successfully turning quick service and casual dining on its head. Fostering loyalty by showing respect for people’s time has proven a winner for everyone – Flipside, the customers and Lolly. A future taste of what’s to come...

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