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Piccolo Kitchen Reduces Queues & Serves More Customers With LollyServe

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Denisa Richvalska
March 28, 2024
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About Piccolo Kitchen

Based in the tourist town of Newcastle in Northern Ireland, Piccolo Kitchen was established in 2016. With a passion for pizza, the team serves – on average – 1,500 pizzas a week – both eat-in and takeaway.


Cutting Queues with LollyServe

Prior to using the Lolly system, Piccolo Kitchen used a simple Point of Sale system, but as Mr. Guliani, owner/manager commented:

“We noticed we were getting very busy in the run up to the summer season and knew we needed to implement a more effective point of sale solution, which could help us to reduce queue sizes and serve a greater number of customers. At the end of the day, nobody wants to lose customers.”

After reviewing a number of options, Piccolo Kitchen opted for LollyServe, the first to market entry level PoS and self-serve platform.

With a Self-Serve Edge system being implemented in only a matter of weeks, Piccolo Kitchen has been able to serve a greater number of customers. Guliani added:

“The LollyServe system is one of the best ones we have come across. It is really easy to navigate and use and we are receiving excellent feedback from customers who are able to come in and effectively serve themselves quickly and easily.

“It is also helping our staff to focus more on the customers, instead of gearing all their work around simply taking orders during busy periods. So far, a win-win for everyone and we haven’t looked back at all.”

The Edge product handles the customer order tickets and payments. It also integrated with ease into our existing kitchen printing system.


Lolly Support

Mr. Guliani and team are pleased with the support from Lolly.

“The team are really responsive and happy to handle any queries we send through to them. And, because of that we experience few system errors or glitches,” said Guliani.

“Having the LollyServe in situ is definitely helping us to generate more orders and we have increased revenues by comparison with the same period last year.

“The test will be in the busy summer ahead, but we are encouraged by what we have seen so far. We would definitely recommend Lolly or a similar Self-Serve system for any hospitality provider looking to reduce queues and maximise their profit potential.”

Peter Moore, CEO at Lolly, adds: “When we launched LollyServe we could truly see its potential, and it’s wonderful to see the system supporting Piccolo Kitchen and helping the business in its growth journey.”

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