Bennett Hay Partners with Lolly

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Chris Brown
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Bennett Hay Partners with Lolly

Hospitality services provider to underpin its continued growth after finding perfect tech partner

Bennett Hay, the UK’s leading bespoke hospitality services provider, has partnered with Lolly as its technology supplier.

Working closely together, Bennett Hay and Lolly will offer a wide range of solutions. These will include self-serve and access to the Lolly app – helping Bennett Hay’s diverse and growing client base to future-proof their technology offering through a preferred and trusted partner.

Bennett Hay launched in 2010, with the vision to help the team, clients, guests, and visitors benefit and grow from a holistic approach. This – in turn – delivers a balanced working environment through exceptional food and service.

Commenting on the partnership news, Zoë Watts, managing director at Bennett Hay, said: “We chose to partner with Lolly after scouting for a tech partner that would understand the nuances of our business and our client base. We were impressed and confident at Lolly’s knowledge of the catering sector and more particularly workplace hospitality. Their tech integrates with our systems and the key touchpoints for our stakeholders, thereby easing and enabling an integrated pre-order, payment, and loyalty solution.

“By working with Lolly, we can better access informatics which help us to both report and plan, as well as adapt to any short-term actions. We will be introducing Lolly to our clients so that they can potentially create new solutions with a focus on our media client base initially, as they have the biggest demand for technology in their workplace experience.”

Peter Moore, CEO at Lolly, added: “It is encouraging to see how impressed the team at Bennett Hay have been with our suite of integrated solutions, and how these will work together to create cutting-edge systems for their clients. Our initial customer installs have run smoothly and seamlessly, with all parties working well together. The team at Bennett Hay has a really strong understanding and focus around the role of technology, and how it should provide the end client with a frictionless and high-level service. We look forward to further rollouts across the Bennett Hay portfolio. Exciting times ahead.”

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