Interview with Apprentice Daniel Fletcher - Infrastructure Technician at It’s Lolly

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Denisa Richvalska
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Interview with Apprentice Daniel Fletcher - Infrastructure Technician at It’s Lolly

Daniel Fletcher is It’s Lolly’s latest apprentice. Having recently joined the team in December 2020, here he shares his thoughts about his apprenticeship and role as an Infrastructure Technician.Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?I’ve always been interested in computing. However, having taken a computing course at college that wasn’t very inspiring and was more focused on coding and structured education, I was keen to find something that would allow me to study in a more practical, independent manner. The Lolly apprenticeship offered that and I think it will be a valuable qualification for the future.What were you doing before your apprenticeship?I was working as a landscaper, but it wasn’t quite the right role for me. I enjoy being outside in the summer, but definitely want to be indoors when it gets cold!How did you get your apprenticeship at Lolly?The role was posted on the government apprenticeship website, so I applied from there. Lolly took my CV and called me in for an interview. I was meant to go in for a second interview, but the lockdown in November prevented me from attending, and they called me up to tell me they would like to take me on for the apprenticeship anyway.What is it like starting an apprenticeship during Covid-19?It is strange not having met many of the team in real life. Most of the people I’m working with to complete tasks and big projects I’ve only met via a Teams call! It’s different and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in person, but everyone at Lolly has made me feel really welcome.What does your job involve?My role is part of the support team. Right now, I’m the only one in the office every day, others only come in where absolutely necessary. Most of what I do is provisioning – getting the new equipment set up, ready to go out to the customer and be installed.Have you faced any challenges so far?There haven’t been any particular challenges so far, but it’s been a really big learning curve.What do you enjoy about working at Lolly?The work is engaging, the team are all really nice and I feel as though I’ve found the right place for me.What are your other hobbies or interests?In the summer I like to go mountain biking. I’m also really into cars. However, this winter I’ve been working on some of my own computing projects.

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