It's Lolly Launches Dynamic Table Management

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Denisa Richvalska
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It's Lolly Launches Dynamic Table Management

It’s Lolly is extending its comprehensive suite of end-to-end hospitality software to incorporate a dynamic table management system. The new platform integrates fully with the powerful LollyHQ back-office, furthering Lolly’s synchronised network of advanced, easy-to-use tools for hospitality management. The new solution is Intuitive, flexible, and seamlessly integrates with existing Lolly products.

Alongside all standard table management features, Lolly’s system goes beyond to create a platform that can be extensively personalised to the unique hospitality environment. It can be built around the environment, down to the ability to have a birds-eye view image of the restaurant on the background of the planner for immediate visual understanding of the table setup - particularly useful for new staff.A huge range of colours and custom settings allow hospitality providers to build the table planning system around their specific operating practices. Unlimited statuses, with any label, can be created in different colours and with custom timers to flash as a reminder to staff after a certain time to move to the next stage. Staff can see clearly when it is over the set time to move from arrived, to ‘drinks’, to ‘mains away’ and in addition, any seating updates can also be highlighted to kitchen staff via their printer or display screen.Multiple seating plans can also be created, such as outdoor spaces and private rooms, whilst special event table plans can be configured in advance and automatically scheduled on tills, facilitating seamless setup for certain events, such as weddings or conferences. Live details are visually represented at all times, including exactly how many people are seated at each table, current table spend and service status. VIP tables can also be set up and clearly highlighted for all staff to see.Allergen flagging is also included in the tool, whereby tables can be manually, or automatically flagged with the allergens of those seated there - acting as an important reminder for FOH and kitchen staff.Peter Moore, Lolly CEO, comments: “We are always seeking to create solutions for our customers which will support them operating in the most productive way possible.“The table planning tool is designed to support easy and quality customer service, meanwhile helping hospitality providers see in detail their business setup to improve processes and turnover. Remote viewing, end of day reporting and extensive data can be viewed and downloaded to track and review”.

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