Lolly Start Up Guide - How to write a business plan

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Katrina Suppiah
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Lolly Start Up Guide - How to write a business plan

Your business plan is an essential first step in the process of setting up your exciting new venture. A good business plan analyses your business idea, the market and it’ll serve as a plan going forward for several years. It is your road map to success and it is necessary to help you to secure funding if you are looking for financial support; like a small business loan from your bank.You need to include:

  • Title page and a table of contents
  • An executive summary, which is a summary of what’s included in the plan (write this last)
  • Company description, an overview of your company and the services you will be providing to your market
  • Products and services, this is a detailed section regarding your products and or services and what makes them different to your competitors
  • Marketing plan, describe how you will attract customers
  • Operational plan, a description of how the business will be operated day to day
  • Management, include a section on who will run the business and the philosophy that you will be following
  • Financial plan, showing your working model for finances and what you are looking for from your investors

A good business plan needn’t be long and complex it just needs to explain the most important information; what you wan to achieve, how you will get there and the things you need to do along the way.Download the template here: Business Plan Template – Cafe coffee shop small restaurant pop-up teas shop food van and events

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