National Apprenticeship Week: Adapting to the New ‘Apprenticeship’ Normal

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Denisa Richvalska
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National Apprenticeship Week: Adapting to the New ‘Apprenticeship’ Normal

Despite the continued uncertainty, It’s Lolly is continuing to engage with and support apprenticeship programmes.For the past four years, Lolly, which delivers innovative PoS, payment and technology solutions for the hospitality industry, has taken on new apprentices who become part of the main team when they have graduated from the apprenticeship programme. The company is dedicated to providing training and support that gives apprentices lifelong skills beyond technology knowledge.Peter Moore, CEO, It’s Lolly, comments on his dedication to the apprenticeship programme and the challenges of supporting apprentices during Covid: “From an employer’s perspective, Covid has been a challenging time to take on new apprentices. However, because we have seen the benefits from previous intakes, we are totally committed to continuing Lolly’s apprenticeship programme, despite the challenges of lockdown.“We run a structured training programme for our apprentices, but a key element of their learning is normally the ‘osmosis’ effect; by sitting as part of the team and soaking up the conversations around them, they develop not only their technical skills but also the inter-personal skills so important for their future development. Our apprentices learn first-hand how important it is to meet customer requirements, the importance of problem solving and working to deadlines.”Daniel Burton, has been working with Lolly since he graduated his apprenticeship programme in 2017. He shares his thoughts on the experience, “After starting out at Lolly doing an apprenticeship, I have been given the support and resources to progress my skills and become an App Developer. It’s been amazing to be a part of the company’s fast evolution over the last three years. The apprenticeship offered me a way into the workplace where I can develop skills and make a difference to a business…I wouldn’t change it for anything”Lolly’s latest apprentice, Daniel Fletcher, joined just over a month ago. Peter explains how they provide the intensive support for the new-starter, “Our latest apprentice is already proving himself. We have had to adapt our way of working to make sure that Daniel learns the role and becomes an integral part of the team. We now have a team video call every morning to review progress from the day before and to prioritise team activities for the remainder of the day. The team meeting is followed by a one to one call between Daniel and his line manager. This gives Daniel the opportunity to ask any questions which have arisen from the daily meeting, and to seek guidance on how to undertake the activities he has been allocated for the remainder of the day.“It is a symptom of the pandemic that many people have only ever met their colleagues on-line, rather than face to face. We are all looking forward to when we can socialise again, but for the time being I am really pleased that the existing team has recognised this challenge for our new starters and everyone is making a real effort to welcome them remotely into the Lolly team.”

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