National Burger Day - Creating the Journey to the Perfect Burger

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Denisa Richvalska
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National Burger Day - Creating the Journey to the Perfect Burger

National Burger Day celebrates one of the most simple, but glorious foods. It highlights a hugely popular fast food, that over the years has transformed to become a vehicle for creative endeavours in the kitchen, whilst also enduring as a classic option for hungry customers looking for a quick, satisfying bite to eat.It’s Lolly provides complete solutions to a range of burger restaurants. We thought it would be a good idea to mark this special day by detailing some of the products from Lolly that help restaurants make the perfect burger, ensuring the customers’ experience is seamless right through from ordering, to kitchen, to delivery! Making ordering easy There are many different choices when it comes to ordering, from POS, to Self-serve, from pre-order App to Uber Eats. Our Lolly Proserve and Lolly Counterserve are very popular self-serve options for customers. Drawing the customer in with their sleek design, they support high footfall and quick service, whilst also offering the possibility of easy order customisation and displaying nutritional and allergen information. If the preference for your restaurant is to order in a more traditional way, then our advanced, easy-to-use EPoS tills facilitate fast order and payment for customers who prefer to interact with staff. The Lolly app makes an engaging customer experience accessible to even the smallest of businesses. It offers a pre-order option, allowing customers to click and collect their order at a time that suits, as well as enabling them to order at their table. The app also has an integrated e-wallet and saves all previous order history, making it even easier for the customer to reorder the same meal - therefore increasing sales. LollyLoyalty is also part of the app, providing an exciting digital loyalty scheme that keeps your customers coming back for more with personalised offers and points.Delivery and pre-order integrations are important options to consider. Uber Eats can be integrated into the Lolly software, enabling a delivery platform for customers. Digital signage helps you display engaging menus and promotional information. The high-quality screens can be easily programmed to show exciting announcements, such as rotating menus, product imagery and promotional offer videos. PaymentHighly secure, speedy contactless payments are facilitated either through the Lolly app when pre-ordering, or in-store via a range of integrated card machines. If you offer table service the LollyMove, our powerful, all-in-one order and payment PoS unit, helps staff on-the-go. Cooking up a seamless stormIt doesn’t matter how many orders come in, you will always be in control when you use our integrated Lolly Kitchen Management System to support your business. Whatever options you decide to offer to let your customers order, they will be sent directly to the Lolly Kitchen screens, enabling a seamless transition between front of house and kitchen staff. Any order that comes in is sent to the screens at the correct time, enabling staff to prioritise and manage workflow effectively when making up the food. Similarly, the Lolly dispatch screen consolidates all communication. This screen is particularly effective in outlets with strict service time limits. Support for the perfect burger! It can be hard to keep track of the sales, stock, and operational side of a fast-paced burger business. It can make a huge difference when the correct software is in place to support the commercial side of things. Lolly provides reporting software that can monitor a single till, multiple tills and multiple sites, from any device. Our secure, cloud-based back-office management can be accessed by management from their mobile, laptop or tablet. This enables complete control at all times, from anywhere when it comes to stock, sales, and other operational statistics. Here is a case study from our client Smash, where you can read about their Lolly experience and products.

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