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EPoS for Bars & Clubs

process high volumes of transactions, super fast

Whether you’re running a wine bar, cocktail bar, spirit bar, nightclub, or private members’ club, Lolly has got your back. Lolly EPoS helps you to process a high volumes of transactions, super fast.  Lolly has splash proof  hardware because they’ve been designed to operate in a your demanding environment. Lolly EPoS is packed with features to make your work easy, such as, bar tabs, layaways, bill splitting and happy hour promotions. You can also select end of day times, especially useful if you operate into the wee hours of the next day and don’t want your end of day reporting to go over two calendar days; simply set your reports to the prior day. It also has a training mode so staff can use the till without running up transactions. Lolly’s EPoS is designed to be easy and intuitive to use.   Uploading new products is simple and your EPoS includes staff management, real-time sales performance and stock management. The excellent security feature provides you with visibility and traceability of all staff activities including transactions, voids, refunds, discounts, sign-on times and cash draw opens.

Lolly EPoS is designed to grow with you & is flexible to meet your needs.

Whichever way you work with Lolly you also get great back office and reporting

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Downloadable EPoS
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