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Dependable, affordable and scalable, straight out of the box

Creating the best customer experience

Working with pop ups, we understand that getting up and running as quickly as possible is critical.

Whether you’re opening in an indoor or outdoor space, with or without mains power, we’re skilled at deploying tills and card machines for temporary sites. From single to multiple sites, even nationwide, our systems are easy to transport, reliable and durable.

Having the best integrated EPoS payments and service provides stakeholders with real-time reporting from sales, inventory management and staff activity.

Innovation is at our heart. We invent intelligent technology tailored to suit your unique needs and the demands of your environment  – aiming to support you with lower operating costs and agile services. The only company to offer straight out-of-the box integrated EPoS and payments, meaning you only have one provider for all of your service needs.

Pop-Up Solutions


We provide a host a payment options from card to EPoS and mobile, integrated payments and Apple Pay.


Years of working with pop ups has helped us to source the best tills you can rely on.

Lolly HQ

Online hospitality reporting for pop-ups

Be empowered with an effective analytics dashboard, tailored to report on your pop-up performance.

Monitor a single till, multiple tills and multiple sites. Access your management information – whenever and wherever you need it, from any device.

Easy to set up and use. From complete stock control to product pricing updates and essential sales data automatically backed up in our cloud-based Lolly HQ.


Want to know more? Contact us today.

Want to know more? Contact us today.