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The vision-based, cashierless checkout

Lolly SNAPSERVE (AI Self Serve)

Lolly Snapserve is a cashierless, fully-automated checkout solution. This vision-based, automated system creates a swift and completely contactless walk-through experience for the customer and is a highly efficient new use of AI technology in the UK hospitality sector.

Snapserve is perfect for large corporate staff restaurants or busy grab-and-go hospitality environments as it eliminates queues and improves efficiency.

Time per transaction can be reduced to just three seconds. 

Simple to use

Any staff restaurant or hospitality environment can get started with 100% accuracy from day one, without change to business processes, or training. The kiosk is simple to manage, with packaged and standard items requiring just a single photo to be uploaded to the system. Fresh daily dishes, or new/special menu items take just a moment to upload via a mobile phone image.

Serving up seamless style and speedy transactions in just three seconds.

Three Simple Steps

  1. Customers simply place their tray under the vision-based kiosk, which uploads a photo to the Snapserve system.
  2. To pay, the customer scans the unique QR code on their Lolly app to identify themselves, and checks out.
  3. The customer’s order confirmation and receipt will be sent through to their Lolly app within a few minutes of their check-out showing a list of items purchased and a digital receipt.


Security features are inbuilt to the checkout, providing the hospitality provider with peace of mind. If a guest leaves without successfully authorising payment, the kiosk displays a warning and flashes a red light.

The LollyFrame (wall-mounted self-serve)

Lolly’s entry level wall-mounted kiosk, running the next generation Intel® Celeron® Processor 3160. The 32″ glass LCD panel touch screen TFT LCD (LED Backlight) upgrades the visual appeal of menu items with professional images



  • Wall-mounted, versatile design
  • Efficient next generation Intel® Celeron® Processor
  • Massive 32″ glass LCD panel touch screen TFT LCD (LED Backlight
  • Integrated 80mm receipt printer
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner (QR) Payment terminal and NFC reader (RFID/Felica

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