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Self-Serve: Reduce Queues, Increase Footfall & Maximise Profit

Let your customers Self-Serve from as little as £205 per month

Self-Serve – the future of hospitality…

The world is going cashless, and in today’s fast-paced hospitality environment, self-serve counters have become vital. They ensure rapid and seamless service for customers who have come to expect nothing less.

Don’t get left on the shelf with long queues, missed sales and lost revenue. ACT NOW and give your customers the best experience. Let them self-serve, because more customers during peak trading times will help drive profit.

Why choose LollyServe?

Best for your customers

• ​Puts the full order process in the customers’ hands

• Smaller queues – faster food service

• Enables cashless payments

• Highly secure payment

• Allows customisation of their order

• Nutritional and dietary information

• Accessible and easy to use

Best for your business

• Ordering and payment combined – one simple solution

• Affordable for businesses of all sizes

• Increased staff utilisation

• Cashless – secure and seamless payment

• Increases footfall

• Maximises profit


LollyServe – Create Greater Customer Engagement

Self-Serve empowers your customers – letting them order when, how and where they want.

LollyServe – the first-of-its-kind Self-Serve platform, for all types of hospitality outlet.

Our Solutions

The LollyServe Solution

The Lolly Edge Solution

The Lolly Bold Solution

The Lolly Smart Solution


“The Lolly solution provided us with exactly what we needed. The integration point of sale system reduced errors and saved staff time, while the LollySmart till proved to be a robust and easy to use piece of kit. It had to deal with 8,000 people taking over £70,000 across 24-till locations in just four hours. So we were very impressed.’ John Ellis, Head of Central Operations, Ampersand


“The LollySmart till has been invaluable, everything is built around a touch screen, so for the operators or people working in the café it is similar to using a mobile phone. At the same time, we are able to view the sales made in real time; this information is stored in the cloud back office, LollyHQ, which means we can access it anywhere at any given time. It is really helping us to identify trends.’ Stephen Carrick-Davis, Manager, Hill Station Café

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“I’m delighted with the professional attitude and the conscientious approach adopted by Lolly when working with SOHO Coffee Co. Their customer support engineer, Mike Morris, was particularly helpful in ironing out any teething problems to give us exactly the sort of system and reporting detail that the business demanded.”

“We met with an array of EPOS solution providers, large and small. Lolly’s system was superior on every count both front and back of house. For a futuristic fast-casual dining and grab & go such as Flipside, Lolly incorporated lightening-fast transactions with fully integrated self serve.” Jen Pardoe, Flipside.

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