The Lolly SnapServe

Cutting-edge technology for superior customer engagement

The Lolly SnapServe

Lolly Snapserve is a cashierless, fully-automated checkout solution. The vision-based, automated system creates a swift and completely contactless walk-through experience for the customer. A highly efficient new use of AI technology in the UK hospitality sector and an excellent solution for Covid 19 safety compliance. The E-receipt feature makes this an environmentally friendly option.

  • Manufactured and supported in the UK
  • Versatile design – wall or floor mounted,
  • PC (Celeron with 4Gb RAM, SSD – Windows 10 LTSB
  • 27″ LED Backlit LCD with multipoint PCAP touch sensor
  • Low friction toughened glass
  • Integrated 80mm receipt printer
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner (QR) Payment terminal and NFC reader (RFID/Felica compliant)

Cutting-edge technology for superior customer engagement.

Perfect for large corporate staff restaurants or busy grab-and-go hospitality environments, Lolly Snapserve is designed to eliminate queues and improve efficiency. Time per transaction can be reduced to just three seconds.
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Lolly Partner with Flipside
Featured Case Study

Partnership Between FlipSide and Lolly Caters to Smithfield’s Growing Plant-Based Demand

Walking along the busy strip right by Smithfields in London, you’d be surprised how many eateries there are, and how long you often have to queue for your lunch – wasting some of your precious free hour. One future-facing restaurant, Dee Thaya’s Flipside, a modern American, plant-based grab and go offering, has decided to fully integrate LollyServe to cut down on queues and save their customers time.



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