Celebrate, Support and Raise Awareness this National Hospitality Day

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Celebrate, Support and Raise Awareness this National Hospitality Day

There is no better time than now to celebrate the vibrancy, resilience and diversity of the UK hospitality industry. Hospitality plays a huge part in all our lives, from hotel weekend breaks, pub drinks, morning takeaway coffees and work canteens, to weddings, hospital stays and school dinners.For this inaugural National Hospitality Day on the 18th September we want to highlight some positive stories from the pandemic, and also the challenges that hospitality businesses and workers continue to face.Peter Moore, Lolly, CEO, comments: “Many of us took for granted our fantastic hospitality industry until the pandemic struck and doors closed up and down the country. But we have seen tremendous innovation and strength from hospitality businesses everywhere. Now, as they move forward in their recovery we need to celebrate, but also build awareness and give our support.“I’d urge anyone who can donate to put something towards this great cause, to support local hospitality businesses with your custom or to spread the word about the issues the sector is facing so the nation has a greater understanding of the challenges workers and businesses go through day to day.”Many Lolly clients, new and old, adopted creative ways of staying afloat during the pandemic and integrated technology solutions to boost their offering, or ensure the safety of customers. Including:Smash forged ahead with opening their burger restaurant as soon as lockdown ended.Copper&Ink launched delicious Cook at Home kits.Tariq Halal brought in LollyServe kiosks to keep customers safe and socially distanced at their flagship store.BMW instituted next generation software across UK key sites mid-pandemic to support Covid-19 safety protocols and improve service for staff.Southampton FC got ready for the return of fans to the stadium with new systems to deliver fast service and efficiency across the site.Unfortunately, it’s not all so bright and positive. From widespread mental health issues resulting from the stress of operating or enduring during the pandemic, to staffing challenges, to supply shortages and delays, the hospitality sector needs our support more than ever.National Hospitality Day is partnered with four charities who work with individuals and businesses to help and support physical and mental wellbeing, as well as training and professional development.So let’s all come together, get out, help, and celebrate the wonderful industry that underpins so many aspects of our lives and brings us so much enjoyment.To find out more about National Hospitality Day and to donate visit: https://www.nationalhospitalityday.org.uk/

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