Apprentice of the month - Tyler McCrory

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Apprentice of the month - Tyler McCrory

Apprentice of the Month: April 2018IT Training & Apprenticeships – Just ITJust IT Apprentice of the MonthWe would like to thank of all of our Apprentices this month for the hard work and effort they have put into the programme so far. We have received the nominations from our business coaches and we have 3 winners!Winners:Harry Lea @ Key Sports ManagementHarry Lea is an excellent learner, who despite starting off with very little knowledge of digital marketing has exceeded all expectations. He has submitted his CIM assignment and is currently completing his 2nd project ahead of time.In the short space of time his business coach has known Harry, he has shown a willingness to learn. He is always professional in his approach and the staff at Key Sports Management, including his managers, have praised his high standard of work. During his last Formal Review, both his managers worked together to write that Harry’s attention to detail was excellent and he was a quick learner who followed instructions to the letter; that he was well respected by his peers and has been recognised by their board of Directors. Finally, that Harry’s time-keeping was excellent, that he worked hard and was always helpful and supportive to the team. Fantastic!Rakeem Simpson @ Utility WarehouseRakeem has successfully navigated the apprenticeship through many changes and has remained positive and motivated throughout. He has remained focused on achieving success and has worked with his business coach to ensure that his work is to a good standard for End Point Assessment (EPA). Subsequently, he has successfully completed EPA and has passed his apprenticeship.Tyler McCrory @ Its LollyTyler has had a fantastic turnaround this last quarter, producing high quality work for his projects and also passing key exams that are needed to complete his apprenticeship. As the EPA date approaches, his businesses coaches are confident he will be able to complete his apprenticeship successfully

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