Hospitality Technology: Focusing on Solutions for a New World

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Denisa Richvalska
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Hospitality Technology: Focusing on Solutions for a New World

Lolly the digital commerce specialist, which provides enterprise level EPoS to hospitality and retail SMEs, has been hugely impacted by Covid-19. 

Peter Moore, CEO, previously commented in March about the effect on the supply chain:

“When we sign a contract with a new customer in the UK for the supply of new tills and software, whether for one unit at one site or multiple units across a number of sites, we order in the appropriate levels of stock.”

But since lockdown, many hospitality sites have closed down and the scheduled new installs have been put on hold. Commenting today, Peter Moore, said:

“It’s no longer about project delivery timings in relation to the supply chain, instead the focus is firmly upon cash flow and the preparation for when we come out of lockdown. We have always focused on future technology, and already our team of developers is looking into solutions for the new world – innovating for customer needs during lockdown, but also for tomorrow.”

Like the company’s hospitality clients who have had to adapt their own approaches, Lolly has had to rapidly pivot to - instead - focus on order and collect. The R&D team continues to work – developing new technologies to support clients during these difficult times, but also moving forward. Peter Moore:

“We are also getting lots of enquiries about EPoS and payments rentals. As sites start to go back to work caterers are looking for additional cashless payment points to enable social distancing during busy times in large canteens.

“With the current lockdown in place online food ordering services have seen a massive increase in demand from both new and existing customers.”

The number of users in the eServices Online Food Delivery segment Platform-to-Consumer Delivery in the United Kingdom is expected to be 11.6 million in 2024*. 

“With the lockdown continuing we believe this food delivery trend will likely increase. Now more than ever before hospitality providers need to be supported, and through our technology we aim to support greater throughput and improved margins – through newly pivoted systems and old,” adds Peter Moore. 


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