It’s Lolly Brings on Board Fourth Apprentice to continue successful programme

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It’s Lolly Brings on Board Fourth Apprentice to continue successful programme

Supporting National Apprenticeship Week

“….without this company I don’t think I would have the skills I have today!”

Digital commerce specialists, It’s Lolly, are staunch advocates regarding the importance of practical learning and apprenticeships and have been actively involved with apprenticeship schemes for five years. They realise the benefits commercially, as well as to the individuals on the scheme and the community around them.

Each of their apprentices play an integral role in the company’s team. Here Daniel Burton, Alex Patey, Tyler McCrory and Dylan Neligan share their thoughts and insights into what apprenticeships at It’s Lolly offer.

Daniel Burton, one of the company’s original apprentices, started his journey in November 2016. He has since graduated to become an invaluable full-time member of the It’s Lolly team as a developer, demonstrating a wide range of skills that were learnt on the job.

He reflects: “I decided to do an apprenticeship because I didn’t feel like university was for me. I wanted to gain experience whilst also learning. Since passing my apprenticeship I now work on a range of different areas and bigger projects in the business.

“It’s been amazing to be a part of the company’s fast evolution over the last three years. The apprenticeship offered me a way into the workplace where I can develop skills and make a difference to a business…I wouldn’t change it for anything!”

I got my placement at It’s Lolly through a separate company that specialises in giving young people with IT skills a chance at an apprenticeship. I decided to pursue this approach because I felt that it would give me useful skills and qualifications, as well as giving me an idea of what working life would be like. I’ve now been here for just over a month.

At the moment, my role in Technical Support involves taking phone calls and messages, and if need be, passing this onto the support team for further assistance.

I really enjoy learning about It’s Lolly’s products and the customers that they have, and having the chance to develop my understanding of the business and the opportunities here. Before I came to work at It’s Lolly, I was studying and learning how to be a better employee through online courses and in college; it’s nice to put that theory into real life practise.

Their latest software developer apprentice, Alex Patey, who joined the team just two weeks ago says: “I decided to do an apprenticeship because I felt that gaining experience and developing my skills would be best achieved via this path.

“I chose It’s Lolly as I was really interested in their business and the software they create. In particular, I was interested in a new piece of technology they have which scans food trays using AI. This technology can then determine what food is on the tray and how much the food costs. It’s like the next generation of hospitality; they are one step ahead, and it’s invaluable learning for me.”

The apprenticeship scheme gave me the opportunity to jump straight into the work industry while also being able to acquire a qualification. It’s Lolly provided me with the opportunity to work and learn at the same time and without this company I don’t think I would have the skills I have today! In the year of my first apprenticeship, I learnt so many things and once I completed my apprenticeship, I was offered full-time employment at It’s Lolly, where I have continued to build my experience and progress through the ranks.

The It’s Lolly Apprenticeship
CEO, Peter Moore, comments, “All of our apprentices have demonstrated themselves to be exceptional, enthusiastic and professional young people.

“The IT sector is a competitive industry and it can be challenging for those wanting to find a career to find suitable employment. Apprenticeships offer an opportunity to those wanting to further their education and skills, but also support business in finding excellent staff in a fast-moving and highly contemporary industry. I believe that the combination of training, courses and shadowing team members, whilst building responsibility which is involved in being an apprentice, is one of the best ways to learn. We are thrilled to be involved with apprenticeship schemes, and delighted to have Alex, Tyler, Daniel and Dylan on board.”

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