LollySmart 'ticks all the boxes' for Cambridge Event Bars

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Katrina Suppiah
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LollySmart 'ticks all the boxes' for Cambridge Event Bars

-Bar hire business selects Lolly as it continues to grow-About Cambridge Event BarsCambridge Event Bars Ltd was created in 2014 to cater for the ever increasing demand for private and large public events and festival bars.Based in Cambridgeshire and with a permanent venue in North Wales, Cambridge Event Bars Ltd is capable of covering events located throughout the UK.Working with Lolly (Lolly Smart)In 2016, Cambridge Event Bars purchased four tills from Lolly to support them during their booked events. However, following rapid growth and demand, the company now has 17 tills in total, which the team takes along to the various events.Nick Gowler, director at Cambridge Event Bars, said: "Having our own tills is vital in order to be able to provide the best and most consistent service."The Lolly Smart is a compact and easy to use till - perfect for pre-programming per event and then plugging in. The till is very reliable and easy to use, which is perfect for a more transient workforce - operators can be trained before an event and they can then use the till with ease - even when the bar gets really bust. The till does exactly what we need it to, and more."Support levels - The Lolly SmartNick Gowler goes on to explain that the Lolly team has provided excellent levels of support, whenever it has been needed:"We haven't experienced any technical issues or downtime, and knowing we can rely on the inbuilt battery in case of any potential power outages is very reassuring." The Lolly Smart provides a compact touchscreen till that has its own inbuilt receipt printer so it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. The till comes with an SD card which acts as a secure back-up. And it can also provide excellent reporting functionality - enabling caterers the opportunity to download till reports.Nick Gowler adds: "When we purchased tills we really didn't realise just how easy to use they could be. The Lolly Smart has ticked all the boxes in terms of what we need."Peter Moore, CEO of Lolly, comments: "The Lolly Smart was designed with these temporary events in mind - for ease of use and reliability. And it's proving extremely popular with so many hospitality providers."Our aim is to make the point of sale simple efficient and dependable, every time anywhere. We are delighted to be supporting Cambridge Event Bars, and wish them a successful summer of trading ahead - catering for thousands of customers looking for the best service possible. This is when the Lolly Smart comes into its own."-Ends-

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